December 30, 2008

The Sentra lives on....

I had plans to post the "I'm so far behind...Phase III" blog today but some other things happened that I thought called for a it's own blog. So, although it gives me anxiety to wait as I hate the fact that I'm not caught up on the blog, we'll have to wait just one more day.

Man oh man...What a day!!! It was already scheduled to be pretty hectic but it got even more hectic than originally expected. Let me back up a bit....

When we moved back from NYC, we bought a Volkswagen Passat that we love. We lived downtown for about a year and I could walk to work so we only needed one car. Then when we moved to our house, we tried to live with only one car but that didn't go so well....lasted about a week. Lets face it...Dallas isn't cut out for walking, public transportation, etc. Well, after purchasing a new house, we didn't want another car payment so my dad lent us his old company car a Nissan Sentra.

The Sentra....oh, what do I say about this car. It's pretty pitiful (as noted in the glorified pic above....yep, she's a beauty!). However, it's been reliable and gets us from point A to B. We don't need a second car that often so we just keep driving it. We thought we would only "borrow" the car for a month or two and now here we are two years later and I'm still zipping around in the Sentra. The funny thing is that I've grown to be attached to the little car....I'm not sure why.

About two weeks ago, I was zipping around running errands in the Sentra and something happened.. I wasn't sure what exactly but I knew it wouldn't go anymore. We initially thought it was the transmission which would cost more to repair than the car is worth. Basically, any repair would cost more than the car is worth. So, when the car was towed off we thought we would never see it again. It was actually a sad day!

Clay and I talked about buying a new car OR Clay thought we could live with one car and he would either get a bike and/or a Vespa and tool around town. Yea, I'm not so sure how well that would work but I patronized him. After many conversations, we decided we aren't ready to take on another car payment so we would have the Sentra repaired. While the car was in the shop, we asked them if they could give us a complimentary paint job (preferably black) and tint the windows as dark as possible so people can't see straight in when we're driving it. They wouldn't do it. Dang it!!!

Anyway, the Sentra was ready to be picked up this morning. I woke up, went on a run, then we were off to pick up the Sentra (I did miss her while she was gone!). We picked her up and I was heading home to get some work done (even though I'm suppose to be on vacation...never works out that way). Before I get home, I got a call from Clay. One of the tires blew out on the Passat while he was heading up the toll road (thank goodness he was ok...right!?!?!). Keep in mind, we just replaced the two front tires two weeks ago. Well, this was one of the back tires....they obviously needed to be replaced too. Problem was our car was still FILLED to the rim with Christmas stuff and he couldn't get to the spare tire. I headed over to meet him and we got the tire changed. I have to say I was very impressed with Clay's tire changing techniques. He's not a real "rough tough " kind of guy and I've never really seen him do much that requires a lot of manual labor. I loved the fact that "my man" changed that tire no problemo!

So, over the past two weeks we've had to replace 4 tires on the Passat and replace both axles on the Sentra. I guess when it hits it all hits at one time. And, our long hectic day became even more crazy! It was 12:00 p.m. before we got anything started. Oh I guess you win some and you lose some but fortunately life still goes on and we always seem to survive.

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