December 2, 2008

The almost perfect day

Yesterday was the "almost" perfect day. I actually love days like that. Why was it only "almost" perfect....well, I'll walk you through the day....

Ok. So I started it in the perfect way which was spending time with the baby girl, getting her ready and then off to school. Although there isn't always a lot of time, I love our mornings. Once I got everyone off to school and work, it was time for a "me" day. Do you ever have those??? Well, they're the best!

The funny thing about my "me" days is I usually keep them to myself...they're my little secret. I'm not sure why these "me" days are so secretive....I guess it's b/c I don't want anything to go wrong and I just want to be with myself and by myself the entire questions asked. I've even found that I won't tell anyone after the fact...not even Clay. It's kind of a weird thing I have with myself....I actually can't believe I just confessed this.

So, I started the "me" day off right with a little Christmas shopping. I LOVE this time of the year and I love giving. So, although money is a little tight right now, I still enjoy finding the perfect gift for everyone (of course, it always seems impossible to find the "perfect" gift...I always hope I'll find it though). I was able to snag some great finds which made the day even better. I got Lo a couple things. She loves music so I added to her collection and I got a few other toys that I think she'll love. Here are some of the fun gifts Santa will be bringing Lo:
Bath toys

Hammer toy
Pull toy

After I got some Christmas shopping done, I did the one thing I LOVE to do BY MYSELF which is go to a movie. was sooooo enjoyable!!! It has been so long since I've been to a movie (way before Lola was born). When we lived in NYC, this was my thing. I went to the movie by myself all the time and it was always very therapeutic to me. Well, now I remember why that it was therapeutic. I'm telling you....IT WAS AWESOME!!! I basically feel like a new and improved person now. I'm going to make a point to do this often. Of course, it will have to be on one of the "secret" "me" days to make it real good.

I went to see Four Christmases. Loved it and recommend it to all. It was fun and will put you in a great mood. I'd go see it again...

Now, this all sounds perfect so far right?!?!?! So, where does the "almost" come into play. Well, after the movie, I met my running partner at the lake and we ran 10 miles...OUCH!!! So, this is where the day isn't so perfect...I pretty much dreaded this run all day as 10 miles is a lot (just in case you didn't already know this). HOWEVER, it wasn't so bad and I actually thoroughly enjoyed it. It too was very therapeutic! We had a lot of time to talk (10 miles worth) so I opened up about some things that I usually wouldn't talk about to someone I don't know that well. It was nice to get an unbias opinion on some issues I haven't been so sure about lately and a great way to get stuff off my chest. AND, for some reason, my body didn't ache the last 2 or 3 miles like usually does. I guess I'm finally getting in shape. Just in time....the marathon is a week and a half away. Eeeekkk!!!

To finish off the day, I came home to see baby Lo and my fab hubby. We ate, bathed and then it was her bedtime. I then decided to wind down with a glass of wine and finished the evening off in bed watching a new episode of my favorite show The Hills.

Oh, it was a day I don't want to forget for a while and I can't wait to have another one soon. Of course, it will be a "secret".

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