December 31, 2008

NYE in Big D

Clip - LailaLu

Pony tail holders - FlashyFish

Cute owl clips - FlashyFish

Clips - jennymccarney

Headband - louandlee
I wanted to get this one but figured Clay might Freak. Love it though.

Once again, I'm not posting the "I'm so far behind...Phase III" blog today. I had some great finds this morning so I thought I would share.

Well, you know how I told you we're going through a funny hair phase with Lo. Lately, it's been hard to keep it under control and her bangs out of her face. I found all these fabulous clips for a stellar deal on Etsy ( I love them all and can't wait for them to get here. I wanted so many more but held back. was hard!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful NYE in Big D or where ever you may be (That rhymed pretty good...I may be a poet and didn't know it). We're celebrating with friends tonight. As a matter of fact, by the time this blog posts, we're probably in full on NYE action. Luckily, everyone is bringing their kids, babies, etc so we're able to bring in the New Year with Lola. Woohoo!!!

See you next year !!!

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