December 5, 2008

It's cold and I'm LOVING it!!!

Seriously, this weather RULES!!! LOVE IT!!! Hopefully my ALL CAPS makes you realize how much I REALLY REALLY REALLY love this weather. reminds me of fav city in the world!!! The crisp weather is so ideal...perfect for coats and scarves and layers upon layers. I really do wish it would stay like this through Christmas but not likely. Oh well!!! I'll just take advantage of it while it's here.

How cute are Clay and Lo. Clay walks the dogs every morning and takes Lola outside with him to enjoy the fresh air. This morning we had to get her all bundled up. You can't see it in the pic but she also has on some leg-warmers. Too cute!!!

P.S. I got soooo irritated at Clay last night. I literally wanted to explode but held it in (Yea me!!!). At around 9:00 p.m., he began sneezing so loud (over and over and over) that he woke Lola up...Seriously, what's up with the loud sneezing?!?!?! Once she's up, it's always so hard to get her back to sleep so I got mad. We don't have much "adult" time anymore around our house and I cherish it when we can get it. When I see moments like the ones above and cute pics like this, it makes all my irritating feelings go away....YEA!!!

It's pretty bad that I get irritated over my hubby sneezing...right?!?!? I'm usually not that bad I promise. I think I may be PMSing (most likelyTMI but oh well) and I'm a little sensitive lately. ACTUALLY, I can't be PMSing b/c I've been on my period for a week! Yes, ladies (and gents if your reading)....I said a WEEK! OH MY GOODNESS!!! I told Clay I could potentially make the world book of genius records with this whole deal. That would be my 15 minutes of fame would be due to the thing I hate most in the world. HUH!!!

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