December 11, 2008

I'm so far behind...Part I

I feel like I'm so far behind on this blog thing. is like a tornado and twirls by right in front of your eyes. Over the past month or so Lola has started doing so many new things! I feel like I haven't been able to capture it on camera or on the blog. So, I thought I would try to quickly (this is a relative term of course) recap all the fun progress and development she has been giving us lately. Now, please keep in mind it will take more than one blog for me to get caught up so hold tight.

Firstly, I haven't given everyone the recap of the 9 month doc appt (Yes, I know, I'm a month behind). I lost the paper the doc gave us with the actual statistics so here they are based on memory:

  • Weight: 21.5 lbs 50th percentile (she dropped down percentile here)

  • Height: 29.5 inches 75th - 90th percentile

  • Head: ?????? (Don't remember the measurements but I do remember that it is still kickin' it up in the 95th percentile.

Now, I'll try to list all some of the other fun things that have happened over the past month or so. I'll also try to keep this to 4 "accomplishments" per blog so it doesn't get too obnoxious and I'll try to go in chronological order but this will be tough....The ol' memory isn't as good as it used to be. Plus, so much has happened this week and it's hard to hold out but I'm going to try. Eeek!!! So, here we go (in order...I think):

  1. One of my favorite things Lola has started is clapping. OMG...absolutely adorable!!! I'll have to try to capture this on video b/c words can not explain how cute it is! When Lo was sick, she would still try to do the clap but it was real slow and pitiful. Now she is back to the full blown exciting clap. She specifically LOVES to clap when we sing her favorite songs. Her fav song right now is one Clay made up for her titled "Suki". Maybe on a future blog I'll tell you the full song (it's soooo cute) but for now we'll keep it to a minimum. Again, don't want to get too carried away all at once (this is very hard for me you know).

  2. Lola has really taken to dancing lately too. I guess she takes after her mom here (ha,ha). Anyway, anytime she hears music on radio/cd or we sing, she'll start bouncing up and down and doing a little dance. How fun is that?!?!?!?

  3. She has also started developing a love for hip hop. I've had to work on this when papa Clay is not around b/c he despises hip hop (What's wrong with him?!?!?). There have been many times in the car when T.I. or Pink or Rihanna or dare I even say Sir Mix-a-Lot will be playing on the radio and Lola is in the back just bouncing and clapping. She definitely knows good music when she hears it.

  4. Here's my favorite (for today or actually last week...this is almost old news now)...For a month or so I've been a little concerned that Lola may be a bit of a bully. I know I know...she is only a baby but seriously...all the signs were there (and may still be there but will explain in more detail later). How did I come to this conclusion?!?!?! Well, when I would drop Lo off at school, she had a tendency to immediately start stealing toys, bottles, food, etc from the baby next to her and they would just let her take it. The teacher's never said anything so I didn't either but I was still a little concerned. Fortunately, it seems we may be moving past this phase but the verdict is still out. Lola still takes things but she also gives them back and shares now. It's real cute! One day last week she kept taking my water bottle from me then she would immediately give it back and wanted me to drink it. We did this over and over and she would just giggle and giggle (the things that can entertain a baby). However, this can be a problem when it comes to the dogs. I'll give Lola some food like a banana or cookie and she reaches out to "share" with the dogs. Well, it obviously disappears and is never seen again. Too funny!!! Here's a little video we captured of her trying to give a ball to Bella. I wish we could have started the video earlier but we couldn't get to it quick enough. It's a little dark...I have to work on my filming skills.

Hope to be back tomorrow with the next 4. YEA!!! This is so much fun!!! Just so you know, I actually feel like I HAVE to catch up on the blog b/c I haven't written one thing in Lo's baby book. So, I try to keep the blog up-to-date and one day when things slow down I plan to go back and update the baby book.

So, stayed tuned as I anticipate there will be a Part II & III next week. I also anticipate some other fun things and big news to come such as results of the 1/2 marathon on Sunday - 13.2 miles (OH MY!!!) and cousin Magill. Molly's mucus plug (gotta love this term) broke so we hope it will be any day now.

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