December 4, 2008

Cousin Magill is almost here

Cousin Magill is almost here and I'm fairly certain no one could be happier about this than Tia Molly.

Molly is now 38 weeks and counting. I thought those of you who know her might get a kick out of her belly. It's still growing. I figured you may also get a kick out of her little sleek leotard she has on in the pic. I'm definitely going to borrow this the next time I'm pregnant so you can get a real good look at the full blown prego bod.

I personally think Molly should go ahead and start drinking some beer and castor oil to induce labor but she hasn't seemed interested in doing that yet. When my mom was pregnant with Adam she did this and went into labor....of course he was a 10 lb baby and I believe she was 2 weeks late so I'm sure she was beyond desperate....pretty funny!!!

I'll keep yall posted on the delivery. We can't wait for baby Lola to meet her new cousin. She loves kids and babies so I'm sure she'll have a ball with him too!