August 29, 2008

Our Saving Grace

Well, we're off on another road trip today. Good news though....we (when I say "we", I mean "my dad") bought the Orbit toddler carseat in hopes that this will be our saving grace on this road trip. Oh I so hope this will help b/c I'm not up for another trip where Lo is screaming the whole way.

So, since we've been on a roll with the road trips, I've been asking around and trying to get advice. So far no one has been able to offer advice that knocked me out of the park. Probably b/c there is no "real" solution to the problem. The fact is that babies don't like to be caged up for long periods of time. You can't blame them...I hate it too.

The best advice I received was from a friend, Meredith, who said she usually waits to leave when it's time for her daughter to go to sleep for the night. She said she feeds her, bathes her and does everything she would do on a normal night but instead of putting her in bed she puts her in the carseat. I thought this was a great idea but unfortunately not feasible for us on this trip. Other advice was buy some new toys or give the baby teething crackers and/or Gerber puffs. So I went to Target yesterday to get some of the fun finger foods that were recommended. We'll see how it all works out for us this round.

We're heading down to Junction, TX with my family. It usually takes approximately 5 hrs to get down there. I pre-warned my brother and sister-in-law that it could very well take us 8 hrs. I'm not sure he was too happy about that. I recommended to him that instead of leaving at the worst time which is around 3:00 p.m. that we should take the advice of Meredith and wait until about 8:00 p.m. when it's Lola's bedtime. He wasn't to hip on that idea. To be honest, we would probably get there at the same time either way.

Maybe I'm just being a pessimist and it won't be that bad. We'll see. But, I certainly do hope the Orbit toddler seat ends up being our saving grace on this trip.

Can't wait to update everyone on the fun. Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!!

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Tricia and Benjamin Collins said...

I have this too! Still using the infant seat and am looking forward to the toddler seat! Glad you loved it. Good stuff.