August 27, 2008

Ready, set, GO...




Lo is seriously movin' and groovin' these days. And when she can't get somewhere quick enough....she tells ya!!! Seriously, we can't just sit the baby down and leave the room anymore....all the logistics and dynamics in our household have changed. This should be interesting.

Childproofing: It seems as soon as Lola started moving (can't technically call it a "crawl" yet as she is pulling's really amazing how quick they can move using this method), she went straight for the plugs. So I purchased some of those plug things last weekend and stuck them in all the outlets. This is obviously very important b/c we don't want her to get electrocuted. After I completed this task, I started looking around and trying to figure out what needs to be put up and out of the way and what else in the house needs to be "baby-proofed". Then I know what....we're not putting any of it away. She needs to learn on her own what she can and can't do. We've tested out the sharp "NO" and she seems to somewhat understand so why not try to teach her what not to get into. I don't know if this "baby-proof" method will work but as long as there is nothing out that will seriously injure her, we're going to give it a shot.

BTW...If you can't already tell, Clay loves to cut off heads in picture. He actually does this intentionally.

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