August 28, 2008

Boys, boys, boys

Enough talk about baby girls...lets talk about boys for once. My sister-in-law, Molly, found out she's having a boy. Yea!!! Lola's first cousin will be a little bambino. This is a good thing...hopefully little Magill can protect Lola from all the boys that will be chasing after her at school.

Of course, when it comes to clothes, having a boy is much different from a girl. We've been on the search for cute boy clothes. It's really tough b/c it seems all the boy clothes are like mini-adult clothes. They're babies and you want them to look like babies so we've been trying to find clothes that have that classic baby look. You know...little rompers, jumpers, etc. I just think this look on little boys is absolutely adorable.

My friend Lane has a precious little boy, Milam, who is 18 months old now and she always has him dressed in fabulous outfits. I've attached a pic of him....How adorable is he in the little romper!!! Lane was able to give some insight to having a little boy. She is now pregnant and about to have her second so she has become somewhat of an expert. She gave Molly her list of brands that she loves. Her favorite stores are Haute Baby and Hip Hip Hooray but those stores can get a little $85 dollar for a baby outfit expensive....a little crazy!!! So she also loves ebay and searches for her favorite brands. She says she finds great deals. For all of you out there that have little boys, here are Lane's recommendation on her favorite brands:

orient expressed (also a catalog company - they have good sales)
ragsland (same deal as orient expressed)
amanda remembered
strasburg (they have a store in the galleria...good sales too)
good lad
remember nguyen
IMP originals
Sir John Rosalina
Petit Ami
Search eBay "jon jon x" (x being the size)
Search "longall x" & "romper"

Here are some other places:

I also love Feather Baby. Their clothes are simple but cute with that fabulous classic look. As we've been searching for boy clothes, I've found that the boy stuff is really cute too so I wanted to attach this website.

Hope to have more tomorrow!!!

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Erin said...

So glad to know! Thanks so much. I will check these out. Having a boy in 5ish weeks (after a girl), I am having a hard time as well. Thank goodness I have Molly! You have so many great tips too! Things change in 3 years. I wanted to make sure, if you order Feather Baby, of which I am a huge fan, to order a few sizes larger than you are wanting. My mom and I met the couple that runs the company at market about 3 years ago (right after their triplets were born). We love their stuff and my mom carries it at her store. She has new stuff that should be in any day and they could change their sizing at some point, but up to now, I have been getting about 2 sizes larger. Callie has always worn pretty true to size but by the time the first shipment came in, she was too big for all the sizes we had ordered
:( I have picked up quite a few of their things for this baby boy and am looking forward to seeing what is coming in @ thegallery! Also, she got in gDiapers. I am excited to try them but sad that the wholesale price isn't much less than the retail price and you are very limited in what you can order. I am afraid it won't be worth reordering. At least she has S, M & L starter packs and refills. I love the picture of Lola and her new blabla! I was looking at the newer ones the other day and thought the owls were soooo adorable! This baby boy just got his first. Callie has named it Collin and sleeps with it right now instead of any of hers. We love them! All babies need a blabla. They also have some cute clothes, tees and knitted pants that are great for girls and boys. Thanks again. I really enjoy all of your tips. I don't have the "research time" I had with baby #1! Miss Lola Ruth is precious!