February 27, 2012

Hello All!

Wow...it's been a while!  Since I last posted, you wouldn't believe what all has happened around here. The month of February (which I'm now referring to as the month of HELL) started with Gaines getting sick, which then turned into croup (of course).  We have dealt with that before so no biggie until his fever shot up so high that he ended up having a febrile seizure one night (always at night). Yep, we had to make the 911 panic call which turned into a night at the ER and what we didn't know at that time but would also be the beginning of many sleepless nights. To make a real long story short, Gaines was basically sick for 2 1/2 more weeks which included but was not limited to six visits to the doctor and really not one full days work through the entire saga (even though we were both swamped with deadlines).  Whew!

Alright, so we finally got through all that fun (just last week) and now we're trying to get back into the swing of a somewhat normal life (or as normal as we ever are which isn't very normal).  For example, this morning we woke up hoping to start off the week with a bang and instead discovered that both of our cars had been broken in to over night.  See...it's never normal around here.  I may as well stop now or I may come up with some additional craziness that I just happen to be forgetting at this very moment (I try to completely block out the chaos when possible).  In the meantime, here are two of my favorite pics I took of the kiddos over the past couple weeks.  I'll be back soon with all the updates and new things going in their little lives.

The Thinker

BTW...Lola is wearing Peek Kids (my absolute fave brand for the kids) and this picture was actually featured on their Facebook page with the following quote "Look at this beautiful thinker!"  So cool!

Here he is my friends....my little hipster.  Let me tell you...this little guy is a HANDFUL and I still can't get enough of his big smiles. 

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