January 17, 2012

The Bolder the Better

Hey guys.  Good 'ol Hola Lola will be out of order for probably the next two weeks as we are crazed with work (Florida all of last week... now swimming HARD to try to get my head above water) and when not working and entertaining the kiddos, we are spending all our time trying to launch the new The Bolder the Better (fashion,art, music) blog.  I CAN NOT WAIT to kick this one off! We're hoping within the next week (or two max)...YIKES!!!  In the meantime, please be patient with me here at Hola Lola because I (and the kids) will be back! 

P.S. I must also mention my back has gone out and I'm walking around like a 90 year old decrepit woman. Not even kidding! 

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