January 6, 2012


Wowsers! IT'S FINALLY FRIDAY!  I put this in all caps because to be short work week, it sure did seem loooonnnngggg!  But, we finally made it and now I'm super excited to get into the weekend to see what it has to bring.  Hope to recap next week but for now, here are some clips from today....

Someone woke up with some major bed-head.  With the curls and all, there is typically some frizz kickin' it in the mornings and I always have to wet the hair-do down to get it looking right. But today was a little more crazy for some reason.  It was so cute, I decided to leave it exactly like this!

My outfit today (which of course includes animal print...Imagine that!).  Top - Zara, Scarf - gift from years ago, Dress (yes, it's a dress not a skirt) - BCBG via Co-Star (a bit obsessed with this local boutique), Tights - Amazon, Boots - Pookie & Sebastion (NYC boutique).  These boots are pushing 10 yrs old and I still LOVE them!

Nothing better than an ice tea with crunchy ice! After very little sleep last night, this helped get me through the work day....

 After I picked the kids up from school, we went to our favorite local burger joint!

Lo can never resist the candy/trinket machines so we got us some staches for a quarter which served as our entertainment while we waited for our burgers to arrive.

Now onto the good stuff...Ahhh...the vino!  P.S.  Love this wine stopper my dad got me for Christmas.  He was SO proud of this gift and could not wait to give it to me.  His quote was "I bought you the second best gift I've ever gotten you"....second to the key finder (also from Brookstone) he bought me a couple years ago (Yes, I'm one of those who is always looking for my keys). 

I hope everyone has a good' weekend!

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