November 3, 2009

Chickity Chick Chick!

I can't believe Halloween has already come and gone. Now, I go through the stores and see Christmas everywhere. Kind of crazy!!! It's crazy that it's already November (Where does time go?). And, it's crazy that the stores already have Christmas stuff out! Man, I haven't even gotten over the thought of am I suppose to all of the sudden shift my brain to Christmas within 24 hours?!?!?! Craziness!

We had a blast this Halloween season. Over the month of October, Lola learned about the fall season, pUm-kIns and pUm-kIn patches and of course trick or treating. Last year Lola was only 8 months on Halloween so she didn't really know what was going on but I still forced her into a dragonfly costume of course. This year she's 20 months and I'm still not sure she understood exactly what was going on but she certainly did have fun! I guess that's all that counts.

As you see from the pics, Lola was a chick for Halloween. She looked absolutely adorable! She wore her costume to school on Friday for the Halloween party and everyone went nuts. She actually embraced the costume and pranced around with all the other kids as if none of them had on strange outfits. Then on Saturday, it was time to go trick or treating. My parents came in town to enjoy the experience of Lo's first trick or treat. I wasn't sure exactly how this would go but Lola did great! She put on her costume with no complaints and walked through the neighborhood with all the other kids as if she was a 5 yr old. She went up to the neighbor's door no problem and stuck her little bucket out for them to give her candy. The neighborhood was amazing. There were kids everywhere. Overall, I think Lola had a great time. Now, we just have the hide all the candy from both Lola and Mommy!

On another note, I was hoping to get this blog posted last night but we had a bit of a fiasco at the Odom house....imagine that! What we thought was going to be a low-key evening ended up being kind of insane. Around 6:00 pm we discovered Bella was missing in action. We looked everywhere and couldn't find her. Finally, after searching and searching and searching, I was in the back house and heard her little tail wagging. The problem was she actually wasn't in the back house but she was stuck under the back house. Apparently she was going after some little critter and got herself stuck under there and she couldn't get out. Poor baby girl!

The whole time Bells was stuck Lola kept saying "Bellas hiding" and she would squat down and say "Come on Belly Boo...come on" clapping and slapping her little legs trying to help provoke Bella to squirm her way out. Lo was definitely concerned. After hours of digging and calling Bella, we finally rescued her. She seemed a little overwhelmed once we got her out. In the end, it was the hot dog I stuck under the house that gave her enough motivation to push her way out. I also had to squeeze my bod under there and give her a big pull but we did it!!! The funny thing is Clay's dad called to check on the status of Bells about half way through the ordeal. He said to me "You know, Bella is getting old and sometimes dogs go off to hide when it's their time to go". I thought it was quite humorous that he chose that time to tell me this. Of course, it was only funny b/c I knew this wasn't what Bella was doing. Anyway, we're all good now and hope Bella doesn't attempt this little stunt again!

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