May 19, 2010

I would like to introduce you to....

CREEPY!For some very strange reason, this is Lola's favorite doll. We call her Creepy! She kind of looks like Chucky doesn't she? A bit scary. We've always called her creepy for obvious reasons and now this has become her "official" name. Lola takes Creepy with her everywhere. She sleeps with her, she strolls her around, she'll sometimes take her to escuela, etc. I've tried so many times to introduce her to other cuter dolls but Lola will have nothing to do with it. She is very loyal to Creepy.

My mom bought Creepy for Lola a while back. She liked her not because of her strikingly good looks but Creepy can coo and cry and drink a bottle. So when you feed her, she makes these little cooing noises. Kind of creepy huh?!?!?!? Of course, one night in the middle of the night, Creepy decided to make a little crying noise and it completely freaked Clay out (he's real scared of clowns, strange looking dolls, etc). He immediately jumped up, pulled the batteries out of Creepy and threw them across the room. Since that night, Creepy no longer makes cooing noises or drinks a bottle. Regardless, Lola still loves this baby. Oh and the best part is she always has her naked. I've tried numerous times to put her clothes back on but Lola will have nothing to do with it. She likes to have easy access to change her diaper and put Desitin on her. Anyway, looks like Creepy will be sticking around for a while. In the meantime, I'll be on the look out for another baby that may peak her interest.


kristin Holloway said...

try this one:

it is a little better. :)

Anonymous said...

Please teach Lola to type!
I need something besides Creepys fat head

Hola Lola said...

Kristin, Where in the world did you find this doll. Makes Lola's Creepy look like an angel.

Bobbie, I'll try my hardest to get something posted tomorrow. Sorry I've been so bad lately...busy times!

joyrope said...