June 16, 2010

Trying something new....

Today is a new day and it has actually started out pretty good. With the new and improved day, I thought I would try a new and improved blog design. I'm still working on it but thought I'd give this layout a try for a day or two and see where it goes. Who knows....you may come back tomorrow and it will be bright yellow. We'll see what it turns out looking like but I thought it was a good time for a change.

I woke up today and went to workout first thing this morning. At at about 5:15 a.m. I almost talked myself out of it as I was sooooo exhausted due to the lack of sleep from either getting up every hour to tinkle or the excruciating hip pains I constantly feel throughout the night or the fact that you can't just turn over in a light and airy fashion but you basically have to sit up and then turn, only to feel like an elephant when shifting the load and after you completed the simple task of changing sides you're basically wide awake as it took so much dang energy or the charley horse cramps I get every time I move my legs or the massive indigestion that I constantly feel when I'm in a horizontal position or the fact that Lola has been coming in our room every night around 3:00ish which basically means there are 5 of us in an uncomfortable queen bed (me, the baby in the belly, Clay, Lola and Lady Bird of course). Anyway, my list could go on and on. What boils down to is I'm not getting any sleep. Oh....I remember this from before. The fun of the 3rd trimester!!!

Speaking of....I'm officially in the 3rd trimester. YEA!!! Does that mean I'll see the light soon?!?!?! I certainly do hope so. I went in for my doc appt today after the workout. GREAT NEWS...I only gained 1 lb this past month. Boy, how it makes a difference in my attitude to come out of the doctor only 1 lb heavier vs. last month when I came out 9 lbs heavier. The difference....well, lets see....last month I could barely breath after they took my weight and couldn't hold my composure at all. I even wept in front of my doctor. All along I just couldn't wait to get to the car so I could let it all go. And, when I got to the car I did just that....cried hysterically to the point where I couldn't even speak or breath and everything has gone downhill ever since.

I was most frustrated b/c I continued to eat healthy (or should I say semi-healthy as I do have many slip ups) and workout so how in the world could I have gained so much weight???? At that point, I had no clue how I was going to survive this pregnancy. It was questionable if I actually would survive it. Anyway, my doc and my sister-in-law, Molly, talked me off the ledge. Now, today....ooohhhh so much better! Only 1 lb heavier so this means my exercise and watching calories is possibly paying off! I'm not sure I could have handled another big weight gain month. Even with the 1 lb gain this month, I've calculated everything out obsessively and I will have A LOT of work ahead of me once this baby is born but I can do it. I'm very bull-headed...I know I can do it. I just have to get that drive going. I plan to start training for another half marathon just after the baby boy (aka - Geranimo) gets here so hopefully that will get me in shape quick.

Of course, anymore it seems good news is always followed with some bad news. The circumstances were no different today. Although my weight gain seems to be in order, it appears my blood levels have dropped drastically over the past month and I've been diagnosed with anemia. What does this mean??? I don't know. But, the doctor says it certainly does explain the horrible exhaustion I've felt over the past week or so. She said the baby is basically sucking all the nutrition out of me. This is good b/c it means the baby is getting nutrition but it's also bad b/c it means there is no nutrition left for me which translates into no energy. So, I have a prescription and have to start taking more iron and some other stuff. It's nothing serious but just another thing to deal with. At any rate, I'm glad there was a reason for my exhaustion and maybe I can get some energy back once I start taking the additional vitamins.

Now to the weekend. We had a good one. Very relaxing and got stuff done which is good. I was out of my element. I actually stayed home and didn't do much. This is VERY unlike me. I typically have to be constantly blowin' and goin'. Of course, now that I found out my blood count is down and I'm anemic, it all makes sense why I was out of my element. Even though we stayed in most of the weekend (avoiding the heat), we did get a lot done around the house. I finished getting Lola's room and the nursery organized and got the closets cleaned out. We still have tons to do but we're making some headway. BTW.....baby bed...I'm having custom bedding made. This is the bumper fabric which I'm having lined with orange cording:

And this is the skirt.

The sheet is also custom and it will be different shades of orange polka dots. I think it will be real cute. I'm then throwing in some other adorable prints for the chair, pillows, etc. I CAN'T WAIT for it to all be done. Should all come together within the next month or so I hope. Woohoo!!!

Anyhow, back to the weekend. With the downtime, Lola just trotted around the house and had a good ol' time. One of the things she loves is to put on her "dancing skirt" and "dance fast". I'm not sure why she says "dance fast" but this is her new thing. Of course, she never will "dance fast" by herself. Either Clay or I always have to be up and at em' with her. It was much harder for me due to my energy level but somehow I still toughed it out. Since I'm such an awesome dancer myself, I tried to teach Lo some new moves other than just moving her legs really fast and stomping around (aka - dancing fast). I tried to teach her to shake her booty and wave her hands in the air and some other technically challenging dance moves. I have to say she catches on pretty quick and has some groove. Attached are some pics from our very adventurous Saturday at home:

"Dancing fast" in her "dancing skirt". This went on for a couple hours.

Lovin' her new hat!

Riding her new vintage horsey that I got on the side of the road for $15. What a steal!!! Best deal of the year. I mean seriously...how awesome is this horse??? Pretty much old school all the way! Since we've had the horse at our house, we've had people tell us they had seen it in different areas on South Congress the weeks prior. Apparently this guy hauled this thing everywhere. Rumor has it that the night before we purchased it, the horse was at Continental Club and some intoxicated folk had a wild ride on this little guy. I'm glad it finally found a good home. Lola loves it too!

And, nothing like ending the night with some reading. Lola has always loved reading but right now she is obsessed with it! Literally, if she could do it all day every day she would. Although reading is beyond great, Clay and I don't have it in us to read the same books over and over and over. Sometimes we have to promote other activities such as lying still and doing nothing...that never works of course.

BTW...who has the buddha belly now??? Lola's is gone and mine is growing (along with other things but we won't talk about that now...ugh)!!!!

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Geranimo Earl? I like the new bright cheery blog, although I dont care what color it is as long as you keep writing! Take care of yourself