August 16, 2010

He has arrived!!!

My last post was on Monday, 8/2 and my only comment was "4 weeks and counting". Little did I know it was actually only a day and a half and counting. CRAZINESS! Oh goodness...where do I even begin?!?!?!? Needless to say, it's been a wild ride the past two weeks. We've had our ups and we've had our downs. I imagine we'll continue to be on this roller coaster ride for a while. But, lets start with the best part....the birth of the baby boy - Gaines Foy Odom!

It was last Tuesday evening at about 9:30 pm. I had finally gotten Lola to sleep and I was SO excited to sit down to watch the kick off of the new season of one of my fav show - Rachael Zoe. It had been one of those "bad" pregnancy days so I was just exhausted. Right when I sat down I knew something wasn't right. I ran to the bathroom and it water broke! All I could think was "Couldn't this have waited until after Rachael Zoe?". I called Clay and said very calmly "I think my water broke". He insisted that it hadn't broke. I think he may have been in denial at this point. We sat around and contemplated it for about 15 minutes or so, watched a little more Rachael Zoe and then decided we better call the doctor. We also called our friends Kristen & Kevin with the news. It's always great to start a phone conversation with "Hey, what's up. I think my water broke. Can you come over?" Anyway, they rushed over to keep Lo just in case the doctor directed us to head to the hospital. As expected, we were directed to head to the hospital immediately.

When we got to the hospital, it was confirmed that my water had broke. 5 WEEKS EARLY...YIKES! I was starting to have contractions. At this point, I knew the baby was coming within hours and I was now going into panic mode. Is it too early? Will he be ok? Do I want to have a c-section? Or should I go with the VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)? I bursted out into tears. It was all too sudden. I didn't feel I was capable of making all these decisions so quickly. Clay was able to calm me and we decided to go with the c-section. Before I knew it my doctor had arrived and they wisped me off to the "surgery" room.

Now, I have to say this was a very creepy feeling. The last and only surgery I've ever had was my c-section with Lola. This was after 30 hours of labor so I was basically out of it by the time the surgery took place. This time, I was all there and I didn't like it one bit. It was horrible!!! I could see the strange instruments sitting on the side table. The ones they would soon use to cut me open. I could clearly hear everyone preparing to take the baby. I could feel my legs slowly going numb. I started to become very nauseous. It was all one of the worst experiences I've ever had. I would have much rather been completely out of it. They finally let Clay come in and I was trying to remain as calm as I could knowing I was about to go under the knife....EEK! I have to say...not so easy!

The surgery didn't go as quickly as I remembered with Lola. The baby had already dropped quite a bit making it more difficult for the doctor to get him out. To make matters worse, there was also some excess scar tissue that was apparently causing some trouble. In order to avoid more cutting into the muscles than necessary, the doctor had to use a suction cup to help get him out. At one point the doctor said "Are you ready to have a baby?" and then I felt a big push of my belly and nothing happened. Clay and I looked at each other with fright. Was the baby ok? We didn't hear crying? No talking? What in the world is going on? Then I felt another few pushes on my stomach....nothing! I was now officially in panic mode and then I heard some laughter. Whoo! I thought surely they wouldn't be laughing if something was wrong with him right?!?!? Then finally there was the cry I had been longing for. Gaines Foy Odom had officially arrived on 8/4 at 12:29 a.m. He was 6 lbs 7 oz and 20 1/2" long.

Poor thing was all bruised up. Although I had a c-section, he basically went through the same amount of trauma as a baby being delivered naturally. They immediately sent him off to be checked out and Clay went off with him. I went to recovery where I became very sick and started aggressively throwing up. This would last at least another 12 hours. UGH! It was miserable to say the least! I kept thinking they would bring Gaines in at any moment so I could see him but unfortunately this wasn't the case. He had some respiratory problems causing him to be admitted to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). He would spend the next 5 days there. I did not get to see him until the next morning around 10:00 a.m. and didn't get to hold him until the following afternoon. It was so hard to see him there with all the cords hooked up to him and monitors beeping. I felt for him so much. I kept telling him it would get a lot better soon. I was hoping I was telling the truth. After about 48 hours, he started doing really well. He was taken off the respirator and was able to eat. Everything gradually started getting better and then he was FINALLY discharged to come home Sunday night 8/8 at about 9:00 p.m. We could not wait to get him home!

Since we've been home we've had our challenges. Lola loves her baby brother more than anything but there have definitely been some moments of jealousy, confusion, hurt, etc. There has also been some hitting and kicking. I know her reaction is very natural and we just have to be patient as she works through this change. Right now, my heart aches for her more than anything as I know her little life has been turned upside down. Clay and I are trying to spend alone time with her whenever we can and also do everything we can to let her know she is still the light of our lives. It's been tough but it's starting to get better. I hope with each day and week it will get even easier.

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