October 13, 2009

Enough talk about me...

Alright, since this is a blog suppose to be about Lola and I've been going on and on about myself the last couple posts, I figure I'll post a fun moment we had with Lola a couple weeks ago. I have lots of updates on what she's doing these days...boy, this child is a real hoot!!!

Lo discovered clothes pins while digging in a kitchen drawer she wasn't suppose to be digging in...imagine that! Luckily, it ended up being cute and fun! She put them all in her hair, my hair, Clay's hair and beard.

Then Lo wanted to put them on her "beard" like her daddy.

Lo's little chin was bright red but she kept wanting us to put the clothes pins on it. Is this child abuse? High pain tolerance I guess...she gets this from me! I have an insane tolerance for pain. I sometimes wonder if I could win a "How much pain can you take" contest (Obviously my confidence has been boosted since winning the KGSR contest).

We were literally cracking up! Gotta love these moments!

Speaking of moments....we had a couple funny ones yesterday.

The first one involved a reptile. I picked Lola up from school and was cruising home on our normal route talking to Lo about her day when all the sudden my foot started tingling. I thought "Why is my foot going numb?" I looked down at my tingly foot which was on the gas petal at the time and saw a large reptile on it. I immediately screamed at the top of my lungs and shook the thing off my foot. All along I'm thinking, was it a lizard or was it a snake? EEEEKKK!!!! It was a HORRIBLE feeling! I proceeded to drive home terrified this thing was going to pop out and crawl on me again. I kept scoping under my feet. Lo was asking "Mommy, what are you doing?". She was confused by my screams and the awe struck panic still on my face. When we got home, the little guy popped out on the passenger side. It was a HUGE lizard! Thank goodness! This was much better than a snake running free in the car...right?!?!? I got Lola out of the car and tried to show her the lizard. Her response was "little alligator". I'm telling ya...the thing was massive. Anyway, I proceeded to scream again when I was trying to get him out of the car...I was unsuccessful. So, a large lizard is still running around free in the Sentra. Nice!

The second moment we had yesterday involved dancing. Last night we were winding down and a Michael Jackson song came on the tube. Lo went nuts! She popped up and started stomping, throwing the hands up, head banging and dancing around the living room. Once the song was over, she wanted more music. She kept saying "music, music, music". So, we changed the channel to one of our favorite music video channels called ME. Lo kept dancing around but this wasn't good enough for her. She wanted me and Clay dancing with her. She kept saying "Amy, dance...Clay, dance" as she was grabbing our hands and pulling us up off the couch to dance with her. Then Clay gradually and nonchalantly slipped away the kitchen to grab something and Lola said "No, Clay...over here...dance!" and she pointed to the area where she demanded Clay dance. So, all three of us were dancing around the living room while the dogs were barking at us. When a song was over she would say "Yea!" and put her hands in the air and clap. Then, she was ready for the next song to start dancing again. This lasted at least 45 minutes. Thank goodness it was finally bedtime b/c Clay & I were exhausted from all the dancing.

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