October 19, 2009

Mommy pretty!

We had a wedding this past weekend in Aledo for a dear friend of ours. The rehearsal dinner started at 6:00 pm sharp so we picked Lo up early from school on Friday. When I picked her up, I was all dressed up for the rehearsal dinner. When I went into her classroom, Lo jumped up as she was surprised I was there early and then she stopped and looked at me in awe and said "Mommy, you look pretty!". So cute! Then, when we got into the car she said to Clay "Daddy, Mommy pretty!".

I thought this was just adorable until I sat and thought a minute. Lola sees me every day. Why am I so "pretty" today. Well, maybe it's b/c I work from home and never do anything to myself. At most, I'll jump in the shower after my work-out but even then I usually let my hair dry on it's own and I rarely ever put on make-up. I initially stopped putting on make-up over the summer due to the extreme heat, however, I now realize I no longer have this excuse. I would often say to Clay over the summer "Can you believe I've turned into one of those women who never fixes up?" He of course says I always look beautiful regardless of what I'm wearing make-up or not. He actually likes me better without make-up so I guess it all worked out.

Of course, after Lola continued to say how "pretty" I looked, I thought these kids are very perceptive and maybe there is something to what she's saying. Maybe I should actually put more effort into myself during the week and attempt to look "pretty" every once in a while. So now I've decided this will be my new goal. I'm going to get ready every day. Not just t-shirt and shorts or t-shirt and jeans but I'll actually shower, dry my hair, put on make-up and maybe even some accessories.

I know this seems real easy but considering I work from home this will actually be a challenge. On a normal day, as soon as Clay and Lo walk out the door, I immediately sit down at my computer and get started as I want to get as much work done as possible during the work day and I also like to be able to leave a little early to pick up Lo from school. But, even with this, I'm going to focus and make a point to get all fixed up every day. Of course, as I sit here typing this blog, I haven't showered yet and I'm already settled in the office ready to start working. So, I may not start today but I will give it a shot tomorrow!!! Wish me luck on this one...I think I'll need it.

On another note, college football has started. Woohoo!!! As you know, we love, love, love football season. Tech had a rocky start but we're building some confidence in our team after the big win against Nebraska on Saturday. Anyway, since it is football season, I busted out with Lo's Tech cheerleader outfit a few weeks ago hoping it would still fit. Well, it did...kind of. I thought I would post these pics of Lo in her Tech attire last year and this year. Lo would have been 8 months in the pics last year and of course she's 20 months now...Wow...speaking of growing up.

Baby girl at 8 months!

20 months showing her buddha belly! Do you think it fits? I hope so b/c we're not investing in another so we'll have to make this one work.

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Kristin said...

Good Luck I say! I have worked from home for 5 years now and it is HARD, HARD, HARD to get pretty on a daily basis. If you figure out how to do it... please let me know. I need some daily pretty too.