January 6, 2011

Simply love Simple Lovely

Unfortunately, with two kids, a demanding full time job, attempts at being a good wife, attempts at socializing and all other that comes along with my life, it's very rare that I'm able to find time to read blogs. I would LOVE to as I love blogs but this is something I'm having a hard time fitting in these days. Kind of ironic considering I have a blog and am sitting her writing on my blog now (my blog is my psychologist). The fact that I'm not able to really invest time in the blogosphere world and explore everything out there makes me a little sad as there are so many good blogs to found.

With that said, I do always make time for one blog and that's Simple Lovely - http://simplelovely.blogspot.com/. I simply love Simple Lovely! I don't know....something about this blog just draws me in and I eagerly await for the next post. So many great ideas...so many great resources. It's kind of my quick stop shop.

Interesting enough, she's helped me. I also don't have time to search the internet or shop for all the new fab things/trends out there. However, I love love love fashion and styling for myself and Lola & Gaines of course (I would try to style Clay but he wants nothing to do with it so I've given up). I also love styling for my home (which is not a priority at this point but I still like to see fabulous decorating tips) and parties (I have so many ideas for Lo's upcoming birthday party...YEA!). I feel I have somewhat of an eye for both but I always welcome and want to see new ideas. Simple Lovely helps keep me in contact with the new hip things out there and gives me those new ideas I'm searching for. If she doesn't then a website she refers to will. I've found so many great things for Lo just by checking in with her blog. Most recently she posted the new Stella McCartney line...LOVE...I DIE (as Rachael Zoe would say). I actually do die as I'm DYING to get some of this stuff for Lo but just waiting for the money to start growing on the trees in my yard...soon (wishful thinking)! Oh...lets face it...that's not happening anytime soon so basically I'll just have to buy bits and pieces here and there. And, I always try to find the same look somewhere else for a lesser price. This doesn't always work but I love it when it does. So here are some of the new looks:

Seriously...LOVE! Lola WILL have that little top on the right and I want her to have the boots SO bad but they are a little too pricey (maybe I can find look-a-likes at Target??? Hmmmm). You have GOT to check out these looks http://www.stellamccartneykids.com/page/shopbylook-girls.htm ...once again...LOVE! Ummm...Lo will also have the little orange cords and the little coral blouse...Uhhhh...gotta walk away.

Anyway, this is just the beginning of what this blog has to offer. Hopefully yall can find time to check it out because it's absolutely fab!

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