January 4, 2011

This is coming in my near future....

It's time to bite the bullet....it's time to invest in a king bed. Yep! I can't do it anymore. My back is constantly in excruciating pain. I'm walking as if I'm 90 years old. It takes me a couple seconds to get up and then another couple seconds to straighten my back and this never happens without a "UUUHHHHH" type sound. The problem: 1) Our now queen bed is extra extra uncomfortable and 2) By the time we get to the morning, we have at least five beings in our bed - Me, Clay, Gaines, Lola and Lady Bird. Ever so often Bella tries to sneak up too. It's been a long long while since I've (we've) gotten good sleep. Gaines just now over the past couple days started sleeping at least three hrs straight. YEA! And, yes, I'm (we're) happy to get three hrs straight vs only an hour to two hours. Of course, we usually only get one three hour stretch per night and then it's back to every hour or two. This is our life right now!

Many nights we play musical beds. Gaines won't go back down in his crib so we lay him down with us. I realize this is a no no but I don't care anymore. To be perfectly honest, up until last week he was sleeping in our bed full time. Oh yeah! Then, we finally moved him to his crib but he typically doesn't last all night. I always said I would "never" do this! Well, never say never and this is a perfect example as to why you should never say never. As he sleeps soundly in our bed, I hope we aren't creating a monster. I hold on to those people (even doctors) out there who believe the "right" way raise a child is full on compassion meaning constantly holding, coddling, sleeping with parents, etc. Yes, there are people (even doctors) out there who support babies sleeping in the bed with the parents. Some even say it helps breast milk supply. Whatever! That's not why we do it. Lets be honest here...we do to get sleep. However, I have to say both Clay and I actually like Gaines in our bed...it's very comforting. We get no alone time but it's comforting feeling his warm sweet snugly body next to us. We kind of had withdrawals the first night we put him in his cradle but got over real quick when we realized we could actually move in our sleep.

Anyway, I digress (nothing unusual I guess)...back to musical beds. So, Gaines ends up in our bed usually around 2:00. Then, Lo comes in at one point and at that point I typically take Gaines to Lola's room. Then Lola will come back to her room and get in bed with me and Gaines. Then, I take Gaines back to our room with Clay. It goes on and on. Needless to say, good sleep is pretty much nonexistent in our house. Now, lets get back to the king mattress....another thing I said I would never invest in as they're just too big/bulky and they take up too much space. Plus, sheets and bedding are too expensive and most importantly the thought of purchasing a king bed makes me feel like I'm officially old for some reason. No longer young and dapper. I feel the same way about a king mattress as I do a mini-van. I've always thought there are ways around it. Just because you are a parent that doesn't mean you immediately have to go out and invest in a king bed and mini-van. Well, here I am, confessing to you that we're investing in a king bed asap....like this weekend. I can't handle it anymore. Our bed is so uncomfortable that I probably get better sleep when I'm awake than when I'm asleep...is that possible??? Well, it's just that uncomfortable. And, our little queen bed just isn't big enough for the five or six of us that our family has grown into. So, now you know what our Saturday will consist of this weekend...king bed shopping. Woohoo! I wonder if we'll be mini-van shopping next weekend?!?!?!!?

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