May 19, 2009

Call me crazy

Ok, call me crazy but several months ago did I not say I would never run another half marathon again? Let me quote my exact statement written in the Run the Rock blog on 12/23/08:

"I'm not sure I'll run another 1/2 marathon again. The training is very long and it takes a lot of time. Plus, I've discovered through all of this that I love running but not long distances so much. I most likely will keep my runs between 3 and 6 miles in the future."

As I read through that blog again it brought back memories of the horrible pain I felt that day both during and after the race. It also brought back memories of the 5:30am. /6:00 a.m. morning runs, 5 days a week for 6 months straight. Boy, once it was all over, it sure was nice to finally sleep in until 7:00 a.m. again (if Lola allowed this of course). I guess it's the same thing with a baby. If we make the decision to have a another baby, you have to wonder why in the world would we choose to go back and suffer through the hassle of pregnancy, the pain of the birth, recovery, breastfeeding and lack a sleep a second time?!?!?!? Drive, passion and love I guess.

Well, for some reason last night I found myself signing up for another half marathon. Yep, I sure did!!! Training starts next Saturday 5/30/09 at 7:00 a.m. sharp. I have no clue why I'm doing this again. Actually, I do. Drive, passion and love of course plus I've discovered I need structure to force myself to exercise. If I don't have structure and a long-term goal to achieve, then I won't do it. Lately, I've done a very poor job with the whole exercise thing and have been very frustrated with myself....mainly b/c I've lost all tone in the old 32.94 yr old bod. The good news is this week I started up again but discovered running isn't enjoyable if you don't have some sort of long-term goal such as a half marathon. So last night I bit the bullet and signed up for the Rock 'n' Roll San Antonio half marathon which will take place on November 15, 2009. I'll be training through one of Jeff Galloway's training programs. With that, it looks like I'll have 5 1/2 months of hard training in front of me....Woohoo!!! As always, I'll keep you posted on my progress and certainly the misery that will go into the training. I'm actually very excited and looking forward to it. The worst thing that can come out of this is I get in shape and meet new people...can't complain about that right!?!?


Roach said...

whats up guys, I stumbled across your blog while researching "remodeling old houses"...Lolas a cutie and hope u all are doing well.Nice house,nice family, and nice haircut Clay.

Anonymous said...

Hola Amy! I love the blog thing. Thanks for sharing with me.

I admire you for doing the "marathon" thing. I am more into walking long distances. Running makes me pass out ;-)

Good luck! Talk to you soon.