May 22, 2009

Lets have a good long weekend!

Nothing much to say today...can you believe?!?!?! Actually, I have a lot to say but I'm going to hold off until next week. Very nice of me I have to say! However, I will say this....I can't believe the Hola Lola blog is 1 yr old....actually even a little older. Man, the things we've been through and the challenges we've confronted and it's all documented right here on the blog.

Before we head off to enjoy the holiday weekend, I wanted to post this pic and me & Mary. Oh how I love Mary!!! Mary came to visit Austin a couple weeks ago. We had a great time!!! We've been friends since 1998...crazy!!!. I worked with her hubby, Brian, at my first job with State Farm back in the day. Brian and I hit it off immediately and became BFFs. Then, I had the honor to meet and become great friends with Brian's girlfriend at the time, Mary. She is such a great girl and I hardly can believe we've been friends for 12 years now...Yikes!!! Mary and Brian live in Illinois now but I keep hoping they'll move back to Texas...maybe one day. They have two precious kiddos....Kate who is 8 yrs old and Kyle who is 3 yrs old. They are little darlings. It was great to spend time with Mary. I miss her muchos!!!

I've been working my rump off lately so I'm thrilled to have a long weekend to sit back and relax ...well, as much as you can relax with a toddler. We'll be heading to the SHW Group (Clay's work) Chili Cook-Off in about 2 hours...Woohoo!!! Can't wait!!!

Everyone have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!!

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