May 11, 2009

Compound Crawfish Boil

I'm slightly behind on my blogging but hope to catch up soon. The weekend before last we had several sets of friends in town visiting. It was perfect timing as we were able to pull off yet another Crawfish Boil which consisted of fabulous food (thanks to Clay Kennedy's exceptional ability to cook up crawfish cajon style), excellent company with new and old friends and downright good times at the compound. I thought I would post some pics of the fun.

Yummy Crawfish!!! As you can see, everyone basically ate it all up and left a Lone Star beer can for good measure.

The Chef, Clay Kennedy, and Kara taking in all the wonderful odors of the Crawfish. Luckily, once cooked, it just smells like fabulous Cajun seasonings.

Amy, Clay and Kara. Getting our belly's ready for a mind-blowing meal.

Rick, Christian, Heather and Clay. Rick and Heather have a 2 year old little boy named William who Lola played with all afternoon. Christian and Jody (Jody was out of town) have a 4 1/2 year old named Cade and a 2 1/2 year old boys named Leyton. Good times for the kids...they ran around and played all afternoon.

Amy & Jesse. Jesse and Matt are old friends from NYC who now live in Kansas City. It was so great to see them!

Kristen, Kevin and Gang. Love all of Kristen and Kevin's friends!!!! All great people.

Jeff, Summar and Clay. Happy as can be!!! Jeff and Summar tie the knot in October. Can't wait for the big day!

Little Miss Puffy Eyes. Lo took a 4 hour nap this day. Longest ever!!!! She was just getting up in this pic below. She's like her mama...takes her a little while to wake up before she is ready to socialize.

Guitar time...Hondo is back!!! Jeff and Clay provided some great entertainment and played some old school Hondo songs. to reminisce. Lo sat right next the Clay the entire time. She LOVES to hear him play guitar.

And now Clay and Clay toast to a successful Crawfish Boil and a fabulous night.

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Reta Norris said...

I love it that Lola is Clay's biggest fan! She is so precious!