June 26, 2009

Camera # 3

Well, Hola Lola is temporarily out of service again. This time the cause is a broken camera. ANOTHER broken camera! Yes, Clay took it upon himself to put an open water bottle into a bag upside down. Naturally, the water poured out everywhere and smothered our camera and my blackberry with water. The blackberry survived...the camera didn't. So, I just bought our 3rd Canon in less than a year. I absolutely will be buying a warranty this time.

Instead of running out and quickly buying a camera at Best Buy, I decided to price shop and purchased on-line....I'm still waiting for the arrival. Can't wait for it to get here so I can post some new pics. I really wish it would arrive before we head to the zoo on Saturday. Lola is really into her animals so I think she will LOVE it! Of course, everything seems to be a "horsey" right now. This includes her big green float that is clearly a turtle. Well, it's a horsey to Lo. I think she thinks this b/c she rides in it and she correlates riding with a horsey. Kids....gotta love 'em!

Lo is also going through a phase where she puts the word "little" in front of everything so she'll say "little bottle" or "little horsey" or "little baby" or "little book"...get the point. If you heard her say it, you would just die!!! Her "littles" are a "little" slurred. She has a hard time with this word which makes this phase even more adorable. As soon as I get the camera I'll try to capture it on video. I'm sure this will never happen but I'll give it a shot!

In the meantime, since I don't have updated pics I figured I would post a family pic from a couple weeks ago. It's been a while as they are very hard to capture. One of us never looks quite right...it's usually me of course. Lately, I've found that I pretty much hate the way I look in all pics...Ugh...I guess it's age! The other pic is of Lo being a somewhat mischievous. She was really up to no good in this pic. We told her a thousand times not to go past the door as we didn't want her to fall down the steps. Well, she still tempted us and threatened to go out the door anyway. Actually, she went out the door and down the steps despite us saying "No,No Lo" over and over. She's a hoot and doesn't really mind yet...I guess that comes with time....right?!?!?

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