June 3, 2009

Here "she" comes.....

Baby Curry in the making

Adam and Brana with Lo in Mom & Dad's new pool. The pool was chilly and didn't sit well with Lola as you can tell from the pic.

I'm THRILLED to announce that Lola has another cousin on the way. Woohoo!!! We can't wait! I was actually one of the first ones to learn of the big news. Those of you who know me well know I have a very hard time keeping secrets (but will if I have to) especially when it's exciting news like this. But, I did it...YEAH!!!

Poor Brana. She's had a tough first trimester....she's even had the morning sickness, afternoon sickness and evening sickness which includes throwing up....Ugh! Man, I can't image. Wait...actually I can....it's not fun!!! I keep telling her "One day you'll wake up and all of the sudden you'll feel great". Right now she kind of looks at me like I'm crazy. I think she fears she'll never get through this phase. You will Brana...I promise!!! Hang in there!

Uncle Adam (Bubba) and Brana (Beans) are going to be great parents. They are excellent with Lola...they're naturals and you can see it! They are compassionate and loving and devoted and warm-hearted with Lola....they embrace her. It's clear they love Lola and Lola loves them. I have a cute story....From the day Lola was born, Brana has always called her "beans". You have to hear Brana say it...it's so cute. Every time she sees Lola she says "BBBEEEAAAANNNNS" and gives her a big hugs and kisses. Well, Lo has now picked up on this and she has started calling Brana "Beans". The other day she picked up a picture of Adam and Brana and said "Adam" (in her own little way..."Ada") and pointed to Uncle Adam in the pic and then she said "Beeaaannns" the same way Brana says it and pointed to Aunt Brana in the pic. So, it looks like Brana won't be Aunt Brana but will be Lola's Beans....too cute!!!

Now, I want to take a minute to talk about my brother. Wow....it seems like just yesterday I was 6 years old and had a new baby brother. I think my parents wanted to name Adam Michael (or Gary Jr.) but I couldn't spell it so I whined and he ended up with the name Adam. It's very possible I made this story up in my mind (apparently I do this with childhood stories...good imagination I guess) but I like to believe this is what happened. Adam and I have a 6 year age difference so his whole life I've felt VERY protective of him. As Adam grew up and became a "man" he became very protective of me. He has always been there for me...has always made the call to defend me or stepped in to fight for me...always! Today, our relationship has grown. Now, the age difference is insignificant. We talk on a weekly basis if not more (mainly b/c Adam is following up for Lo's social security # (inside joke) or trying to sell me something...he,he...not really...well, actually really) and I love how the relationship has developed. The fact that he will soon have a baby means the world to me....the baby will mean the world to me the same way Lola means the world to him. He would do anything for her just as he would do anything for me. That's Adam!

We can't wait for the baby to get here. The due date is December 14, 2009...also cousin Doss and Foy's birthday...it will be crazy if the baby actually comes on the due date. This day will come upon us before we know it. We're pretty sure it's a girl! I can feel it and I think they can feel it too. If anything, the baby's heartbeat is telling us (if the myth is true). We'll see if our instincts are correct soon. They may find out the gender next week. I think this calls for another WOOHOO!!!

Uncle Adam and Beans - We're so happy for yall and can't wait for the new cousin to arrive!!!

Alright, while we're talking about Adam and Brana, I guess I better promote the business. I'm very proud of Adam. He's gotten married, started a new business (a very successful one at that) and now has a baby on the way... all in a year. Talk about following your dreams...you think a year doesn't make a difference...well, talk to Adam. So, if you need insurance, see contact info on the car below...


Kristen Paduch McClure said...

Oh my goodness! I see this car all the time and wondered if it was your brother....we live out in Waxahachie and I often see him driving down the road!


Hola Lola said...

Too funny!!!