September 15, 2009

Oh Rachael Zoe

Ok. I'm going to post a mean blog. Well, it's not really mean I don't guess...maybe just some good critical criticism. We all need that every once in a while right!?!?!?

I don't understand Rachael Zoe whatsoever! Why in the world does she wear so much make up? Doesn't she realized she would be much prettier with less? Isn't less more? And, why she always complaining about how the media thinks she's too skinny but yet she prances around in front of the camera asking if she looks too skinny? I'm ok with her size but the fact that she's ALWAYS talking about it drives me insane. Maybe the media wouldn't be on her back about her weight if she didn't talk about it so much...maybe she's even brought this upon herself. You think? And, why does she always wear big huge bell bottom jeans? I mean...aren't you a stylist? Don't jeans make an outfit? I understand wearing them ever so often but seriously can't you ever wear some skinny jeans or maybe just some boot cut jeans. And, the most frustrating thing about Rachael Zoe, why does she always wear sunglasses inside and at night? All I have to say about this question is "SERIOUSLY". HUH!!!

I'm sure it's fairly obvious but Rachael Zoe really frustrates me so I figured I could get my anger out on the blog. This is why I say "Oh Rachael Zoe". Granted, I love the show and can't not watch it and I actually like her a lot but I just don't understand her. I mean the constant complaining. COME ON Rach!!! You work in the fabulous fashion industry and your job is to run around picking out clothes for beautiful celebrities and attending rockin' parties. How hard can it be? I guess any job is a job but in this economy I'm not so sure she should run around complaining about hers. HUH again!!! Not only that but the constant complaining about the media terrorizing her. Come on know you love it!!! Why else would you talk about it so much when you know cameras are recording you? And, if you hate the attention so much, then why do you have a show exposing yourself to millions of people?

Ok. I got it all out now! If you haven't seen the show you should watch it. It's full of greatness but I must pre-warn that the amount of make-up worn, the amount of bell bottoms to be seen, the amount of complaining to be heard can possibly send you overboard!

With that said, she is a great stylist and her sense of style is right up my ally. Her website also gives some excellent fashion advice along with her "must haves" for the upcoming season. Gotta love that! I also LOVE watching the fashion on the show. Whether it's NYC fashion week or just an outfit she's putting together for Liv Tyler, it's all fab. Watch it! It's fun!

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