September 2, 2009

Shiner #2

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Well, we had another incident yesterday and Lola officially has Shiner #2. Not even 3 weeks after Shiner #1 mind you. Thankfully I did not have one of those "I'm a terrible mother" moments as once again it didn't happen in my presence...what a relief! Of course, I'm sure this will come all too soon.

Anyway, every Wednesday is "Wheels Day" at Lo's school. All the kids bring their bikes and/or tricycles and they all play and ride. Well, apparently Lo was riding the tricycle and took a big 'ol fall. She face planted right into the gravel. They said she was a real trooper. She got right up and didn't cry or make a peep. Once they wiped all the dirt off her face, they were horrified to see it was pretty scraped up. They called me at work to tell me about the little incident. I'm pretty sure they didn't know how I would react. Who knows...I could be one of those crazy moms that flip out every time my child stumbles. Obviously, I'm not one of those moms and I told Miss Corazon not to worry that it's all just part of being a toddler. They said they gave Lo two ice cream treats yesterday afternoon b/c they felt so bad.

We woke up this morning and the scrapes looked much better but her black eye was much more colorful and was swollen up pretty bad. She was pretty fussy so I'm wondering if it was bothering her. She kept saying something hurt but I wasn't able to distinguish what exactly hurt. Lets hope this is the last big fall for a while!

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Anonymous said...

Bless her heart. I hope everything is okay. I think you need an assistant---or you need to teach Lola to blog!! Miss you! Bobbie