September 25, 2009

Water Baby

Well, summer is finally winding down and it's been a good one. I have to say I'm thrilled the heat is behind us...I hope! Over the past several months we’ve discovered that Lola absolutely LOVES water! I haven’t decided if she loves music or water more. Regardless, they are both something she is clearly very passionate about.

Since moving to Austin, we’ve spent lots of time in, on and around water. Whether it’s getting in the blow up pool in the yard or playing with the water hose or going to the pool at our local park down the street or going to Barton Springs or going to the lake or most recently going to South Padre. Even with all of this water fun, it still seems Lo can’t get enough of it. She has become quite the water baby. She even thinks she can swim on her own. I’ll recap this later.

A couple weeks ago we went back down to the lake and enjoyed a nice weekend with friends. It was great for the kids to play together and entertain themselves while the adults socialized. I laughed so hard the entire weekend. It’s been a while since I've had a real true good laugh….the kind where your abs hurt after you've finally recovered from the emotional fun…I was happy that I was able to have many of those moments over the weekend. We had a absolute blast.

Boat ride. Lo was a little hesitant at first (can you tell by the look on her face?) but she got over that pretty quick.

This is her "Show me your teeth" smile. We can't always get her to smile so we'll say "Show me your teeth" and she gives us a big teeth smile.

Lola is really into driving things right now. She always wants to go play in the car and pretend she's driving. Well, the boat was no exception to this new obsession. She was constantly trying to get in the drivers seat. Mark even let her drive on her own at one point.

Time to get in the water and have some good times!

As mentioned before, we spent an incredible week in South Padre. We were all in heaven! We couldn’t have asked for a better week. Wow, words can’t explain how wonderful it was.

We started the trip off right. As soon as we walked in the condo, Lo immediately started yelling “WATER, WATER, WATER!!!!” Then, she took it upon herself to violently throw up all over the patio. Nice! Not sure where that came from…we think maybe she was car sick b/c she threw up in the house when we got back home.

Once we recovered from that ordeal, it was time to hit the beach. Woohoo!!! This is one of my favorite things to do and as expected Lola loved it too. Over the week we picked up shells, played in the sand, played in the ocean (I was on the constant look out for sharks especially after watching the scary documentary showing all the shark attacks around the country), Clay & I attempted to ride the waves on the boogie board (this was surprisingly a ton of fun), we played in the pool, I read 1000 pages and of course sunbathed. It was all greatness!

Although Lola thoroughly enjoyed the beach, it seemed she enjoyed the pool even more. As noted above, she felt she could swim on her and needed no assistance from the parental guidance. The first day at the pool Lola became very frustrated by the fact that Clay and I were holding her. She would say very sternly to Clay “Clay, Walk away!!!” (Yes, she is now calling Clay by his first name too). She did not want us anywhere around her as she wanted to swim on her own. Clearly she didn’t understand that if we actually did “walk away” she would sink. This is something we didn’t want to prove to her so we had to come up with some sort of solution to this little issue. We ended up buying a little life jacket that allowed Lo to swim around the pool on her own. She was in heaven. By the end she was jumping of the steps and the side of the pool and swimming around like a natural. We’ll definitely have to start swimming lessons next summer b/c she is 100% ready to rock the lessons.

Some beach moments!

Two videos showing some fun beach and pool moments!
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