September 30, 2009


Today is the last day to vote!!!! We have until 5:00 pm. Every little vote counts so please go vote.

Funny story. You know I've told yall I'm obsessive compulsive right?!?!? Well, since I found out voting had already started, I developed a strategy. So, I have three computers in my office. I work on my laptop and then I have another laptop and a PC on either side of me. As I work, I've been voting on the other two computers every 30 seconds. So, I've roughly calculated out the votes: If I get at least 60 votes in per computer per hour (at the very least), that would be 120 votes per hour x 9 hours = approximately 1000 votes x 5 days of voting gives us a grand total of 5400 votes plus all your votes out there. Now, you wouldn't think anyone would else in the contest would be as crazy as me but you never know! If we don't win, I'll be in shock!!! And, I would love to meet the person that wins b/c they are obviously more insane and dedicated than me.

Here's the bad news....due to my lack of understanding the directions, some contestants got a two week head start on us so we have a lot of catching up to do. With that, please help and vote as many times as possible today. We'll get the results tomorrow...keep your fingers crossed!!!
I believe she is on Page 7 now:

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