July 29, 2010

Out of breath...AGAIN!

I've been having major breathing problems lately. I just put on a pair of freshly washed jeans and it was a struggle like no other. It put me completely out of breath. I even started feeling a little light headed and thought I could possibly faint due to the lack of breath. This is coming from someone who 10 months ago could run 8 miles in Austin with major hills. Now, I don't even have the endurance to pull up super tight maternity jeans. Awesome! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?!?! At this point, I'm not sure how I'm going to get the jeans off. I think that will be just as challenging as pulling them up. Oh, and my circulation is being cut off...in maternity jeans! How does that happen considering there is an elastic band in the waist???? This just keeps getting better and better! Only 4 weeks and 2 days to go....

Clay took this pic of Lo playing on our front porch last weekend after the rain storm. I loved it for some reason! I think it may be the big blue eyes.

Lola has been really good lately. She still comes in our room every night but I've decided not to worry about it. I think it will all work out and I don't want to force anything right now. The more and more I talk to other parents, it seems they have and/or had the same problem with their toddler(s) at one point. My brother was the same way...never really slept and always went to my parents room in the middle of the night. The other day I asked my dad how old Adam was when he finally stopped waking up to come to their room. His comment was "We decided we should put a stop to it when he started shaving." I cracked up! That is a little over-exaggeration (I picked this trait up from my dad) but he did go into their room until he was like 8 yrs old I think. Anyway, this is just one of those things I'm hoping will work its way out and I really hope it's long before Lola is 8 yrs old. Yikes!

We're also doing a good job working through the whiny moments. Even when Lo starts to whine, I can say "Lola, I can't hear you when you whine" and she'll immediately change her tone and ask again politely. She'll usually even give me a "Please" at the end of the request. I'm glad she's finally getting the NO Whining Rule!

Lola also still seems super excited about the baby. Of course, she doesn't clearly understand what is about to happen but she's always asking about him and wants to touch my belly. She tells everyone "Baby brother will be here three August." I continue to correct her and clarify that it's August 30th but she insist on saying "three August"....that's ok....I'll take any date in August. AND, we still don't have names. We continue to talk about it but haven't quite come up with anything to put on a short list. Not real sure what to do about that...should be interesting what we end up coming up with!

Clay and I are having a "date night" tonight. I really hate using that term but I figure it's the best way to explain the evening ahead of us. After this pregnancy, I'm surprised Clay still wants to spend a night out with me alone but I guess he still loves me through it all. We actually need to make a point to get out for "alone time" more often. Especially after the baby gets here. Tonight, I'm going to attempt to slip off the ol' flip flops and will try to wear a pair of heels. This should be interesting! Will let you know how it all turns out. I figure I'll either fall and break some bone and/or have to have the shoes surgically removed from my feet due to the mass amount of swelling that will take place throughout the evening. Either way, I end up in the ER. Anyway, prior to going to the ER, our plan to have a nice peaceful child-free dinner and then we'll go see one of our favorite bands Iron & Wine. I certainly do wish I could enjoy the evening with an adult beverage:) Soon!

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