July 10, 2008

Oh no....additional hair loss!!!

OK...I mentioned yesterday how sad I was that Lola was losing her hair in spots. Well, I forgot to mention that I'm also massively losing my hair. It has seriously gotten out of control!!! So basically our entire household is shedding. You have Lo, then me and of course Lady Bird and Bella. I feel like we live in one ball of hair right now. Well, it's actually not that bad but my hair loss is pretty severe.

My fabulous hairstylist Sara from Rocket Science Salon had pre-warned me about the hair loss when I was pregnant. She said "FYI...when the baby is about 3 months old, you'll start losing tons of hair". This really didn't happen when Lo was 3 months so I thought that I had dodged the bullet and this wouldn't happen to me. Nope....not so lucky....it started happening about a month ago. Seriously...if I run my fingers through my hair when it's wet, a hand full of hair comes out. It's terrible!!! My hair is already thin enough so this is the last thing I need. Not only that, but it's really obnoxious having to clean it up all the time. HUH!!! The things we have to go through.....

So, I did some research on this. Here's the deal...."they say" that a newborns hormone levels drop after birth which causes them to lose hair. It appears that new madres also lose large amounts of hair for the same reason. Well, "large" amounts is not a good term for my condition. I would say "enormous" amounts is a better term in this situation. I'm wondering how long this hair loss will last b/c I just can't afford to lose much. Oh my!!!

Attached is an adorable little pic of miss Lola with her second favorite toy.....her #1 fav toy being her toes of course. Some good friends of ours, Trey & Amy, put together a great little packet of their "must have" baby items. One of their "must haves" are these fun colorful rings. They're great...you can clip them together in all kinds of fun shapes. Well, we have found that this is also one of Lola's favorite things. It's really amazing how the most simple things such a rings entertain a baby so much. So this is my Must Have #6. She loves them and has them with her at all times!!!

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The Schroeders said...

well wouldn't you know the day I come check on Lola Ruth...you write about us!! That is too funny! I am so glad she loves the rings! They are still a favorite of William's! Hope to see y'all soon!

Take care! Amy