July 25, 2008

Innovations for modern parents

I just had to go pick up more bottles. It seems like every morning when I go to fix the bottles to take to school for Lo I'm ALWAYS out. I finally decided I'm fed up with constantly washing bottles so I'll just invest in more.

I mentioned in a blog below about the importance of getting bottles that are BPA free. I love the Dr. Brown's glass bottles but you just can't find them right now. I tried to order some three months ago and they're still not here. Due to the backorder, I've had to explore and find other "must have" bottles.

I know it sounds crazy but we really like the glass bottle best. Old school...right? I've found that I like the Evenflo glass bottle which is only $9.99 for 6. You don't get much cheaper than that!!! Another plastic bottle that is BPA free is the Born Free bottle. They're $26.99 for 3 so they aren't the best deal in town but I figure we'll give them a shot. Lola has been attempting to hold the bottle when she eats. Right now, it's easier for her to hold a plastic bottle (for obvious reasons) so we'll see how she likes the Born Free bottle. I'll keep you updated on my review.

As I was exploring around for bottles, I "accidently" stumbled onto a really great website - http://www.booninc.com/ that I'm obsessed with now. I actually want one of everything!!! Their motto is "Innovations for modern parents". Clay and I LOVE modern so this is the site for us!I've seen some of their products at different boutiques and I believe Target also carry some of it but the website shows even more. I fell in love with their clothing line....very modern but also fun and funky at the same time. And, the best part is they are very reasonably priced. I attached a couple of pics. I was able to find some of the onsies and they are adorable...modern & fabulous...love them!!! You really can't have enough onsies...especially when you live in Big D which is blazing HOT right now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Check in Monday for more fun!!!

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