July 9, 2008

Our little contortionist

Lola turned 5 months this past Thursday. Since her 4 month appointment, she has gained 1 lb. She now weighs 17.4 lbs....big girl!!! One of my favorite things about this stage is Lo's love for her toes. It is seriously the cutest thing! Throw out the toys b/c all we need are toes...she is always reaching for those suckers. We were taking a bath the other day and she was putting her little body in the funniest positions trying to reach for the toes...so cute!!! I posted some of the pics. How in the world does she get herself in these positions. She's our little contortionist.

We had a fabulous 4th of July weekend. We had lunch with Uncle Adam & Aunt Brana on Thursday and then packed up to head out to Baird to visit the grandparents. As we loaded up and got in the car, Lola experienced her first inconsolable breakdown. This baby rarely cries so it was quite a challenge for us. During the process of trying to calm her, I felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown due to her breakdown....poor Clay having to deal with us! We were finally able to get her to calm down and we hit the road. Over the weekend, she continued to act a little fussy. When we got back to Big D on Saturday we decided to take her temp....this was also a new experience for us. Well, I guess she caught what I had as it turns out she was running 102 temperature. This explained the random breakdown on Thursday...poor baby girl wasn't feeling good.

Oh, and another very depressing thing....Lo is losing her hair! Oh no!!! I've been very depressed about this and it's been very hard for me to deal with lately. She has bald patches on random places on her head. I know this is normal for babies but I just love her hair so much and don't want it to go away. I read today that they should stop losing the hair around 6 months so I really hope she doesn't lose anymore. Keep your fingers crossed.

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