July 31, 2008

eBay, eBay, eBay

I have a new found love!!! Ebay became a part of my life about two weeks ago and it was like love at first sight or a better term in this case is love at first sell. The love, the passion, the obsession I feel for it is like no other. It reminds me of the days when I was 18 and fell in love with Clay. You know…you have those constant butterflies and you can barely stand to be away from each other. We were so in love that we even called each other “Bunt” and I hate pet names. You may ask where in the world did we come up with such a ridiculous pet name such as bunt. Well, here’s how it was derived…

Somehow we started calling each other bunny…I have no idea why and I’m pretty embarrassed to admit this. It then went to bunnty with a “T”. The T was added as my childhood friends and I had this second language where we added a T to every word that had a N in it so tunta, dinnter, bunnty, etc, etc. Trust me…we had some fun with this back in the day. So I carried this language on to college and this is how Clay and I came up with Bunt. Pretty obnoxious, huh!!! Well we did it and Clay is going to kill me for telling it.

Back to my love for Ebay….It is really a riot!!! Ever since I received my “free money” I’m obsessed with this Ebay thing. Now I look at everything I own in a very different way. More objectively I guess. Any time I put on an outfit or when I’m just sitting around at the house, I think “Do I REALLY like this or is it put to better use on Ebay? Will I ever REALLY wear it or should I Ebay it? This has seriously changed my thought process on everything. For example, On Saturday we went to dinner and I was wearing a really cute dress (so I thought). About 1 hour into the evening I decided I HATED the way the dress looked on me. The entire evening I couldn’t quit thinking about getting home and ripping the dress off. When I was finally able to rip it off, I knew I wouldn’t wear it again but thought I could possibly save it for when I’m pregnant again (always thinking ahead). Then Ebay came to mind…I thought “Um no…that’s useless….I’ll Ebay it!!!” First thing Monday the dress was on Ebay. You gotta love it!!!

Ebay has now become a second job for me. Seriously!!! It can be a lot of work but it’s worth it. I made $200 last week just like that. So now you can see why it would be easy to get obsessed with it. Especially when energy costs are sky high and all expenses continue to go up. This will help pay for our $450 electricity bill and the $750 in a/c repairs that we have to get today. Ouch!!! Thank goodness for Ebay.

Attached are some pictures that Clay took of Lo on Sunday playing in the grass. We love hanging out outside in the evenings with baby Lo. Clay is getting real good at this photography thing. I wish I could attach all 50 pictures he took of her so you could get a good feel but that may be a little obnoxious. Of course I’ve noted to myself that if you put a baby in the grass, she will get attacked by bugs. They steer clear of me but not Lola. They ate her up. Poor thing…she had several little bug bites on her little body. Thank goodness it didn’t bother her and they went away quickly. Otherwise, I would have had one of those “I’m a terrible mother” moments. I hate those!

I’m off to get an egg sandwich now. I’ve been running all week so need to pump some protein into my body. I can taste it now…

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