July 15, 2008

Chocolate makes me nauseous!!!

Ok. We have a major problem. Or at least I think it may be a problem....you tell me. So I've developed this great love for chocolate. Specifically, any chocolate that is mixed with peanut butter or some sort of nut which would include peanut m&ms, reese's peanut butter cups, butterfinger, etc. The funny thing is that I was never a big chocolate person before or during pregnancy. Now, HUGE chocolate freak....obsess over it and gotta have.

Of course yesterday I seemed to take it to a new level....I ate so much chocolate (basically couldn't stop) that I made myself nauseous....literally felt like I needed to run to the bathroom and throw up more than once. Is this a problem? I'm sure the three diet cokes I had on top of the chocolate didn't help the nauseating feeling. The worst part of all of this was I fixed a nice healthy lunch to bring to work and was going to top it off with some nutritious grapes. Well, I ate all of that plus 2 slices of chocolate cake (cut big slices), 2 hand fulls of peanut m&ms and a butterfinger (not readily accessible...actually had to walk to the vending machine for this one). Then due to my guilty conscious kicking in, I spent all night feeling really bad about the chocolate feast. I did what most people do and said to myself "Tomorrow I will be good and only eat healthy...NO CHOCOLATE". Yea, that lasted about an hour this morning before I was heading to the vending machine for some Famous Amos cookies...HUH!!! Seriously...this is ridiculous!!! What's the deal with this? For now, I'm attributing it to all the running I've been doing but I fear I can only use this as an excuse for a limited amount of time. I really frustrate myself sometimes.

Today I've posted a pic of Clay and Lo. I feel like I'm constantly spending so much time blabbing about myself and Lola on this blog that Clay kind of gets the shaft. It's not that he isn't a huge part of our every day but it's basically b/c I always have too much to say about myself...i.e. my obsession with chocolate. So, due to this, I wanted to throw a pic in of Clay and his baby girl. I'm telling ya...he is so in love with this child...it is the sweetest thing!!!

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Reta Norris said...

I LOVE the picture of Lola and Dad! He is so proud! She is such a happy baby! You are great parents!