April 9, 2009

236 boxes down 2 to go...

Can you believe!?!?!?!? We just about have all the boxes unpacked and we're almost COMPLETELY organized. Man oh man...it's only taken 6 weeks. I won't be moving again for a long long long time. It's been utterly exhausting....especially since I want everything done yesterday.

Anyway, we hope to finish everything up this weekend. Just in time for lots of visitors. We're basically booked from now until late May with people visiting or planned trips, etc. I'm so excited!!! So, I wanted to show you a few more pics. We only have to get the office and guest/music room complete and we're all done. Woohoo!!! Here they are:

Upstairs foyer. Still looking for that perfect rug but what great light this little area has. As we do this tour of upstairs, check out all the groovy ceilings, fun shapes of the rooms and the fab sunlight that comes in from all angles. Too much fun!!! Also, it's probably hard to tell from the pics but these rooms are huge.

Lola's new nursery. All the woods are the original from when the house was built in 1886. How fun is that!?!?!?!? I absolutely ADORE this house and could stay here forever.

Master Bathroom. It is totally funky and cool and huge!!! There is a whole other half that you can't see in the picture. And the shower...fabulous!!! Double heads on each side. Lola loves to climb in with us when we're taking showers and bathe herself too. She's had a lot of fun with it. My mom made the shower curtain and the curtain in the window. Thanks Madre...Love them!!!

And finally the very odd shaped master bedroom. I mean really....you can't stick a large orange shag rug in many rooms but in this one it works. This room still needs lots of work. I actually have no clue what to do with it and you can probably see why. As soon as I find the "perfect" bedding then we'll work on it but for now it's going to stay as is. This room, like the master bathroom, is HUGE and also has a whole other half you can't see in the pic. Eventually, I would like to have a little sitting area but this is way down the road.

I can't believe the week is almost over! Goodness...I feel like I haven't gotten much done...just one of those weeks. I found out today that Lo's school is closed tomorrow for Good Friday so it looks like I'll be working late tonight. Anyway, since she's off, we have lots of fun plans for this Holiday weekend. We plan to go get pictures with the Easter bunny, either go to the neighborhood pool or the zoo (haven't decided yet), go to Austin City Hall and watch music in the plaza (Live from the Plaza: http://www.cityofaustin.org/music/live.htm), try out some new fun restaurants and head to church on Sunday. Oh, and finish the guest/music room and office.

Should be a great weekend!!!!

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