April 16, 2009

Splish Splash

Last Thursday we had fun playing with the water hose. Lola LOVES water in all shapes and forms....baths, water hose, pool, rain, drink...you name it...if it requires water, she's there. However, she's not so much into the sprinkler yet. We tried this last Friday and it didn't work so well....she actually seemed a little scared. Anyway, this little water episode ended up causing quite a mess...dirt, mud and water was spread across several rooms of the house. Oh well, if Lo enjoyed it then it's all worth it (of course, we should be more prudent about the water shortage...we'll have to invest in a little pool for the yard). Here's what Lo looked like before, during and after this little adventure:

BEFORE. Oh...so cute and happy on a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon.

Lola even helped me water the plants. These days she likes to be a little helper.

AFTER!!! The fun was over! She got too wet and became very frustrated with the water hose! She came running over to me and wanted to be picked up asap. She was also very hungry....if she's not sitting in her high chair eating dinner right at or before 5:30 on the dot, then you better watch out.

See what I mean. Now she's happy again after eating some avocados, turkey and cheese. Look at that big 'ol smile!!!

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