April 13, 2009

It's Easter time!!!

What a fabulous Easter weekend! Once again we were busy bees and were very productive. It's funny...we've done more in the 6 weeks that we've lived in Austin as we did in 3 years of living in Dallas. It's such a great feeling. We're rarely ever home on the weekends and I love it! If we are home, we're outside doing something. All greatness. So anyway, as noted, this weekend was no different. Here's what we did:

Friday, we weren't hungry but we still ran down to Guero's (our home away from home) for a quick drink and to watch the band.

Here's a pic of Lola with Virgin Mary. How funny is this?!?!?!? She always hangs out with Mary when we're at Guero's. I think she likes those little rocks sitting there....she'll lift them up and bring them to us one by one over and over and over again and then she'll say "Tank You" (thank you) which actually means "you're welcome"....she has the terms a little messed up right now but that's okay b/c she's saying them...right?!?!?!?

Lola also watched the band at Guero's. I will HAVE to get this on video one day. She LOVES the bands and dances like you wouldn't believe. She's started a new move that will send you to the floor hysterically laughing. She sticks her hip out to the right (far out) and does a big BOOTY SWIRL. Ha,ha,ha,ha. I'm not kidding....you have never seen anything like it. I mean she has some moves! Where in the world has she learn to swoop her pelvic area/booty around in such a way?!?!?!? I'm thinking maybe at school they do the Hokie Pokie song or something...."stick your right hip in and your right hip out and move it all around"...I don't know but it's a serious RIOT!!!

Saturday we went to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. You know, our Lady bird is named after this Lady Bird. We really wish she could have gone with us. The Wildflower Center was great. We actually bought an annual membership.

Then we went to the famous Threadgills for dinner. You like how my shirt matches the tablecloth??? Pretty nifty huh!

On Sunday, we went to church. There are several neighborhood churches so we took a Sunday stroll and walked down to the Methodist church. We really enjoyed it! Below are some pics of Lo in her Easter attire. She looked too cute and did great at the church daycare. She is seriously a little social butterfly and adapts to pretty much any atmosphere these days.

After church, we went to a friend's house for Easter lunch. On the way, we stopped at my favorite garden center, The Great Outdoors, to pick up a plant as a gift and the Easter bunny was there! Woohoo!!! Thank goodness b/c time slipped away and I was never able to take Lo to get pics with the bunny. So, I was THRILLED that we got pics with The Great Outdoors Easter bunny. You probably can kind of tell from the pic but Lo had a grip on me like you wouldn't believe...that's probably why I look a little strained. She was also saying "no, no" every time I tried to put her close to him. It was cute!

To wrap up the weekend, we planted more flowers. Oh man, I love planting flowers and "trying" (I put this in quotes as I'm not always successful...I sure do wish I had my mom's green thumb) to make the yard look beautiful. I'll show yall pics once I'm done. AND, we started our garden....YEA!!! We're planting squash, tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos in the compound....it will be a community garden. Can't wait!!! We also planted some fab herbs.

What a weekend!!!

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