April 3, 2009

They didn't build Rome in a day

I grew up hearing my parents use the phrase "They didn't build Rome in a day". Probably b/c I have always been one of those people who want everything done yesterday. My Dad is the exact same way so I come by it honestly. This "need" to have everything done yesterday has only worsened with age, therefore, I think of this phrase often. This "need" has also caused a lot of anxiety over the past 4 weeks (I can't believe we've officially lived in Austin for a month..or actually more). Mainly b/c it's not so easy to get things done "yesterday" when you have full time job and a 14 month old.

With that, I'm just thrilled to announce things are finally starting to come together at our new old house. I have to tell you...for weeks now I wasn't sure if it was ever going to happen. I basically thought we would remain in boxes for at least another year or possibly even forever. I'm sure the Romans also felt this way when building Rome. As a matter of fact, through research I found that it took 820 years to build this fabulous city (began 753 B.C and the city reached a peak in 120) and of course they are still building it today. But man...it's had me in a real funk! I wonder if the Romans felt this way too??? However, over the past two weeks I've worked REAL hard and focused for about an hour or so every evening and BOOM... it's suddenly started coming together. THANK GOODNESS!!!

So, here's a sneak preview....attached are pics of the entryway, living and kitchen(all downstairs).

Looking at entryway from living room. That's the front door...Office is to the right and the guest/music/amy's closet room is to the left.

Looking at entryway from front door.

Looking at living room from kitchen (not a very good pic but you get the point).

Looking at the kitchen from the living.

Still to come: Guest bedroom/music room & bathroom, office, laundry room (yes, it will be cute too), screened in porch (will be sooooo cute and romantic....you'll see what I mean once it's finished...can't wait to show you this one), upstairs foyer, Lola's room and master bedroom & bathroom.

I'm still struggling with decorating ideas in a couple of the rooms (too bad Domino is no longer around). Mainly the upstairs foyer and the master bedroom. In the foyer, I just need the right rug to pull it all together...I know I'll find the perfect one soon. And for the master bedroom...it is very oddly shaped and is HUGE (Bobbie, It reminds me of the upstairs in your old house....kind of funny I still have a distinct image in my head of that room (Please note: Bobbie (my aunt) is a very loyal follower of Hola Lola...she checks everyday)). We've rearranged this room no less than 3 times. I think we finally have the arrangement right but now we need some bedding. I've been on a MAD search and can't find anything I even remotely like. So, I'll continue to work on that.

Anyway, we still have many boxes to unpack but at least it's manageable now. I feel we'll be completely unpacked and organized (this is key) within the next two weeks. Woohoo!!! My stress level is so much better and I'm starting to see myself clearly again. Of course, as I begin to see myself more clear, I realize I need to start working out/running again asap (all happening next week) and I need a new wardrobe (once again, another time another blog). Hmmm...maybe it was better when I wasn't feeling "clear".....

Oh, I almost forgot...I have a virtual tour of the downstairs too. Lets see how many times I can use the words "wonderful" and "fabulous" to describe something. Hey, I never said I would make a good commentator.


The Harrisons said...

Looks great! I love everything that you've done with your new home! Can't wait to see the upstairs! How is Miss Lo adjusting?

Hola Lola said...

She's doing wonderful now!

It took about two weeks. Man those were hard times. In 3 months she moves up to the bigger class. We're anxious for that to happen so she isn't the oldest in the class. In her old school she was always the youngest and seemed to learn so much from the older babies so hopefully it will be the same at this school. She's doing great though...thanks for asking!!!

BTW...you haven't updated your blog lately (unless you did it this week).

If yall ever feel a need to get out of town, you should come visit!!!! We have plenty of room.