March 30, 2009

I wish I could stir my chocolate milk...

I wish I could stir my chocolate milk right now but apparently it grates on Clay's nerves. Here's the deal...I've had a MASSIVE sweet tooth lately. It weighs on me all day and all night. I try to resist this temptation and have actually done a pretty good job of it (Go me!!!). I avoid buying anything sweet at the grocery store as I know I'll eat it all in one sitting and I'm not really in to putting on extra pounds right now...bathing suit weather is around the corner...actually,we're hitting the neighborhood community pool on Saturday...Eeekk!

However, tonight I was desperate!!!! I felt like a Edward in Twilight feening for Bella's blood. I know this is a VERY strange analogy but I'm slightly obsessed with not only the Twilight book but now the movie ...I've seen it FOUR times already...can you believe??? I even forced Clay to watch it and he actually enjoyed...woohoo! Anyway, tonight I broke down and started scavenging our cabinets like a crazy person on some sort of crazy mission. All I could find was chocolate milk and a banana. I thought "Ok, this will work". I get the milk out, pour it in my cup, dump a table spoon (0r maybe two) of chocolate powder in and start stirring away. Then Clay starts yelling "I can't handle that...please stop!". Apparently this sound is like scraping fingernails on a chalk board to him. I go ahead and take a sip of my chocolate milk and IMMEDIATELY run to the sink to spit it out. YUCK!!! It's spoiled milk! Here's the best part (or worst depending on how you look at it)...I just gave Lola an entire bottle of that milk before bedtime...NICE! Looks like we'll be dealing with some diarrhea tomorrow. No fear though...I had a new thing of milk in the fridge and started making a new glass of chocolate milk but Clay couldn't handle the stirring so I'm now drinking milk with chocolate powder sprinkled on works!!!

I had a couple thoughts tonight.... Firstly, I realized I'm weird for many reasons but here's why I'm saying this now...

To recap, when Lola was an infant I bit her fingernails while I was breastfeeding. I always heard the only way to trim an infant's nails is either when they are sleeping or when they are feeding. Well, since we have a baby who has never slept real well, I chose not to disturb her while sleeping so I bit her nails when I was feeding her. I know many people who do this so I don't think this is really weird but it gets worse (of course...imagine that!). Tonight I realized Lo's finger and toenails were getting long and needed some trimming. She won't let me cut, clip or file them so I just bit them all off (same way I did when she was an infant). Then I realized Lola is 14 months old and I'm STILL biting her nails! Before I know it she'll be 5 yrs old and I'll be doing the same thing. The worst part is I can say to her "Lo, Mama needs to trim your little piggies" and she actually lifts her little feet, shoves them towards my mouth and lets me bite them off (she's usually giggling while I do it). It was at this point that I realized this most likely isn't normal and in the future I should probably get out the scissors rather than biting Lola's nails. I mean she's still a baby but come's a little much when your 14 month old lifts her feet for you to trim her toenails with your teeth (I'm saying this to myself). It reminds me of a story my dad tells about my Aunt Linda (he actually just told us this story again on Sunday)...basically, he remembers Linda, his sister, biting her own toenails when she was like 16...ha,ha,ha,ha!!! Oh man!!! This thought crossed my mind tonight when I was trimming Lo's toenails with my teeth...if I don't stop now, I could very well be teaching her to bite not only her fingernails but even worse her toenails when she is 16. OH MY...can you imagine!?!?!? So, we have to put a stop to this asap.

My second thought tonight was that I never post videos on the blog. I wonder why?!?!?! Probably b/c every time I turn on the camera it seems Lola freezes up and acts like a statue. But, I thought I would give it a shot tonight anyway. Of course, she did freeze up and started acting a little shy but I figure it's still better than pictures. I guess if I continue shoving the camera and video in her face she'll eventually get used to it and be posy posy like her mama. Enjoy!!!!

Fun times after eating and bath.

Lola conked out for the evening.

P.S. I think I pulled my rotator cuff somehow. I'm in SO MUCH pain! Can barely lift my arm. Ouchy!!!

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