March 13, 2009

Our Friday night...

Walking to South Congress for dinner and drinks. We're really putting the Orbit stroller to work now!!! I'm really happy we made the purchase!
Walking to one of our new fav restaurants...Home Slice. Oh so good!!! The BEST house salad in town (or at least out of the ones I've tried so far which is probably only 3) really is to DIE for and the pizza....FABULOUS...New York style...LOVE IT!!!

Waiting and waiting and's kind of hard to keep a 13 month occupied for a 45 minute wait (thank goodness for Puffs). Luckily, there was another couple waiting with little kids so Lo played with them. Then we met another couple from Dallas that happen to live in our old neighborhood and know several people we's a small world after all...they were really nice!!!
We finally were seated! Baby girl started getting a little fussy so the waitress swooped in with some dough for Lo to play with (If you say that out loud it rhymes....dough for Lo). Anyway, she loved it...she played with it and then decided to eat it and actually seemed to like it. This child will eat anything...
The Odom's are stuffed now it's time to walk home and work off all those calories!!! Please note, I can't be in any pics tonight b/c I look like hell.
We really LOVE Austin so far!!! I had so many doubts and was really scared to move to here (natural I guess) so I'm thrilled that we love it so's just been great and we feel like we're "home". I knew it would work out in the end but the anxiety building up was tough. I'm so glad to be here now but miss friends and family.

So, I have to say...this has been a really, really, really, really emotionally draining week. Without getting into too many details (of course I've already revealed some of them) , let's just say TGIF. Luckily next week will be a new week.

Here's one of the things I love about Austin (amongst many)....I've not felt good this week which translates into lack of showers, no make-up, jeans and flip-flops, etc (Thank goodness I have the option to work from home!). Tonight Clay said "Let's go to Home Slice" which is actually a trendy/groovy/hip place on South Congress. I wanted to get out so I said "Lets do it". I walked in looking like HELL (as noted above - no shower, no make-up, flip-flops, etc) and what I love is I actually fit in or at least didn't stick out. You can be slummed out or dressed up for the prom and you'll fit in anywhere in this town. Everyone is accepted and no one stares at you funny. I love the low-keyness (not sure that this is a word) about Austin. I also love the fact that we finally have wireless so I can post blogs while sitting in the living room watching TV....Oh so nice!!!

Everyone have a fab weekend!!! I'll be in Big D next week then off to Atlanta.

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