March 24, 2009

Mondays...always crazy crazy!!!

Our backyard (a mess like everything else). Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to get some flowers planted and make it a beautiful get-a-way!

So, I was ready to start a new fresh week yesterday but as usual it didn't start as smooth as I would like....

I mentioned last week that I hate the fact that I eat horrible foods when I'm on business trips and feel like I gain 10 lbs every time I get home. Well, I took care of that this past weekend and I'll explain how. I was very very very VERY sick sick SICK (get the point)! I woke up Friday not feeling well at all (I think I caught it from my mom who thinks we caught from Lola) and it all went down hill from there. By Saturday, I was violently throwing up and thought I was going to DIE...literally! I even called Clay and said "Do you think I'm dying?". He of course said "No" and I'm sure he wanted to say "Will you quit calling me...I'm trying to sleep" but he didn't. What a nice hubby. It was pretty much HORRIBLE!!! I'm still not 100% but I'm getting there slowing but surely.

Anyway, I had a 7:30 a.m. doctor appt yesterday and I found out that I lost 5 lbs in a week due to the illness I guess. That was a nice way to start the week, however, the doc appt took 2 hrs...goodness gracious! Once I FINALLY got back, I immediately started working as I had lost valuable hours at the doc appt. Around 12:45 I jumped on a conference call. Now that we have a backyard, when it's nice out, I leave the back door open and let the dogs go in and out of the house. Well, I got off my conference call around 2:00ish and was in a hurry as I had to pick up Lola (who is also sick) from school and run her to the doctor. I quickly noticed that the dogs were nowhere to be found. OH NO!!! I panicked of course and went on a mad search to find them.

I thought they were gone for good as it had been hours since they had been gone. I called SPCA and animal rescue and put a report in for missing dogs. I finally went to pick up Lola (we didn't make it to the doctor) and the tears started rolling. I kept thinking "If they are gone, I hope they are in a good place and with good people"...Yes, I was already thinking negative thoughts which was "We will never see them again". Then I started thinking how much we've been through with the baby girls. They were there when we first got married in our newlywed house. They moved to NYC with us and experienced that. They moved back to Dallas with us and into another new house that meant so much. They were there when Lola was born. And, now, they have moved with us to Austin. All along through all these moves, they've always been there for us only giving unconditional love. Yesterday I thought "And, now they're gone".

To make a VERY long story short, I found them in a neighbors yard. They were both a little on edge and shaken up but they are ok now. What a relief!!! Needless to say, we can't leave the dogs in the backyard unattended. Clay had told me we wouldn't be able to but I thought there was no way they could find a way out...Oh, was I ever wrong. Those little hoodlums!!!

I can't wait to get the house done and finally post pics of the inside. I think it will be great and so cute once we can finally get settled (if ever). Unfortunately, our camera is broken so I have to find some time to get it fixed quickly or buy a new one so I can get some more recent pics posted. We tend to only have a 1 yr life span on cameras...not sure why. Here are some pics of Lola playing on the stairs...Oh yes...these have been quite a challenge for us. We're in the process of teaching her to come down the stairs on her's a work in progress....

Lola knows good and well she's not suppose to be on the stairs but climbed them anyway!!! She's something else.

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