March 25, 2009

And the week gets even better....

Yep, this week is going fabulous and seamless so far...yea right!!! Oh man....can I get a break?!?!?! I really need to know the secret to simplifying life (surely the book will help...if I can find time to read it). So, yesterday I was working away but nothing seemed to go right. I couldn't get anything done....just one of those days. Either websites weren't working or calculation weren't calculating or conference calls were lasting too long, etc. THEN, I start getting a massive migraine....tongue and finger tips started going numb and excruciating pain hit my left temple. Oh great!!! I'm thinking "I just got through a stomach bug and now I'm getting a migraine". These suckers can put me out for at least a day so I had to nip it in the bud quickly. As much as I don't like to take medicine, I scarfed down 3 aleves and some caffeine. Pretty healthy I know. It still took the rest of the afternoon and evening to get things back to normal.

Later in the day I took Lola to the doctor (another ear infection) and then we came home. Lola was running around like a mad woman...this has become routine lately. Anyway, she decided to dig through my purse and wallet. I always say if we were to be audited by the IRS, I would have to go to my purse for all the documents (speaking of...we need to do our more item on the "to do" list) so the fact that Lola was digging in it was probably not the best idea. It was basically a huge mess....papers and receipts sprawled everywhere in the entryway. But, I didn't care b/c it occupied her for a bit while I got some things done. We've been challenged in this area lately...Lo hasn't been good with occupying herself...another time another blog. Anyway, she took my license out at one point during the digging process and I think she flushed it down the toilet. NICE!!!

Lola has really gotten into this toilet thing lately. In fact, she is very interested in it....weird this normal!?!?!?! She's always hovering around it, tossing things around in the very clean germ free water (sarcasm of course), playing with the flush handle, etc. Again, if it occupies her for a period of time then let her be....I just have to disinfect her after she's done. She's been known to put my wallet, sippy cups and more in the toilet and swirl them around. It's been a real joy! You would think we would just learn to close the dang lid but we don't. See....this is one thing that would make life more simple...just close the lid and you alleviate things being flushed down the toilet by your child (until she figures out how to lift it up of course). Well, we never seem to learn our lesson the first time or even second time for that matter.

So, to make a long story short (once again), I believe my license is in our plumbing system as we speak (or write). But, no fear!!! I've been known to have my license stolen and/or lost many times so I keep a spare tucked away in a drawer. I've also learned to keep a copy of my license so if it were to be lost, stolen and/or flushed down a toilet I can simply go on-line and order a new one. This is what I call organization...right!?!?!?! Now, instead of stressing over the fact that my license is gone, I can simply go on-line order a new one (and go ahead and update the new address in the process) and use my spare until the new squeaky clean license arrives.

Oh with a's all fun right!?!?!? And very entertaining to say the least. Another thing Lola has been doing is grabbing my necklaces (which are still packed so she digs them out of boxes) and puts them on. It's the cutest thing....we never know what she'll come out wearing and if she'll have it on right. Once she gets the jewels on, she'll prance around thinking she is "Miss Thing".

Too adorable!!! The girl loves the accessories like her mama.
Now this is what I call maxin and relaxin. Nothing like kickin' back on the couch with a strawberry in hand....jewels and all.

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Reta Norris said...

This story is hillarious! She is such a funny little person! Tell Lola she started my week with a laugh. Love you all, Reta