March 6, 2009

We finally made it!

We finally made it to Austin. I have to say it's been quite a challenge getting to this point. I wish I had updated pics but I don't. Things are still a little hectic to say the least. I took vacation this week to try and pull everything together. Well, it's Friday and it's still a wreck at our new house. It's not coming together as quickly as I'd never does I guess. Hopefully we'll make some progress this weekend.

With that said, we LOVE our new house maybe as much as our Dallas house (I didn't realize this was possible...can you believe?). When we left Dallas, it was really hard on both of us. Once everything was moved out of our house and it was empty, Clay had to drag me out kicking and screaming. I basically had a major break-down and the tears started pouring out. We both let go of a lot of tears that day. It felt good to finally let all of that out. Once we made it to Austin, it was all better and things have been great.

We've already met our neighbors in our "Amish Compound" (I'll explain later). They are all great and are very cool. One guy, Max, is in the film industry. He is 27, from San Antonio but lived in LA for 2 yrs before moving to Austin. He just got a precious french bull dog named Hitchcock (Hitch) who is adorable...he wears a little Harley Davidson t-shirt. Lola loves Hitch b/c she can pick him up and hug him. Our other neighbors are Kristen and Kevin. Kristin is in PR and Kevin is in Film Editing (lots of film stuff going on's crazy). They moved here from California about a year ago. We're excited to get to know our neighbors better. We seem to have a lot in common with them and will have a lot fun times to follow.

Our neighborhood has tons of young people. You go out and people are walking around everywhere at all times of the day. Our neighbors across the street have a little girl about Lo's age. We haven't had a chance to meet them yet but hopefully soon. There is a park and community pool around the corner. Apparently, everyone in the neighborhood goes there on Saturdays...I guess it's a big social scene. I've learned this from a "new friend" who also lives in Travis Heights and has a 3 yr old. She has been great in showing me the "ropes" and "things to do", etc.

I had several things scheduled this week with my Meet Up groups but things have been so busy and hectic that I had to cancel. I am running the Texas Independence Day 5K tomorrow with several mom's in one of my groups. I have to go get a jogging stroller later. Should be fun! I'm excited to meet more people b/c so far everyone we've met have been fabulous.

Well, I'm going to go for now. Just wanted to quickly check in and give you status. There is so much I want to tell you about our new digs, neighborhood, friends, Lo's school, etc. Although this is a much smaller town, we get that same feeling we had in NYC as the people and environment are similar. Lo and I walked down to get cupcakes the other day on South Congress at the place posted in pic above. I love that Austin has these airstream trailors all around and they serve some great food too. I've also already found some new "favorite" boutiques. Hopefully we can get everything pulled together this weekend and I can post pics and other updates.

P.S. For everyone that got Lola a Birthday gift, I'm SO SORRY I haven't been able to get Thank You cards out to you yet. I promise they will be there soon as I get them unpacked.

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The Harrisons said...

Glad to hear that you've made it to the "other side." Things will get easier from here! Anxious to hear more about the Amish Compound... Have a great run tomorrow at the 5K! Say hi to Clay and give kisses to Lola from Carter.