April 20, 2009

Does this make me a bad mother??????

Does this make me a bad mother?????? Take a REAL close look at Miss Lola in the background in the pictures below....I'll even commentate for you....

In this pic, Lo is glancing around to make sure no one is watching so she can make her move....

We obviously weren't watching so she decides to swoop in for the kill and picks the bottle up...however, she is still only glancing at it....

AND THEN she puts the beer bottle in her mouth....NICE!

Ummmm....yea!!! No she didn't. This just goes to show that you basically have to watch these babies non-stop....or don't leave beer bottles on the floor (This was Ashley's beer btw). To make matters worse, I didn't even know she was doing this until I was downloading the pics today....Oh man...can you believe?!?!?!? Anyway, I'm sure the bottle was empty. I guess it happens to every parent at least once.....or, maybe I'm just telling myself this to help get over the "I'm a terrible mother" moment I'm having right now. I actually haven't had one of these moments in a while so I guess I was due one.

So, with that, we had a fabulous weekend. Some of our BFFs Ashley and Mark and their kiddos Isabel and Caroline came in town from San Antonio. Lola had a blast hanging out with the girls. They all entertained each other the whole weekend which was great. As for the adults, we had a good time with good company. As usual, we all had plenty to talk about and our conversations went into the wee hours of the night. It was raining on Friday when they arrived so we put our screened porch to use. Man, it is really great to have this area.
Below is a pic of Clay reading to the girls before bedtime. You like his hair and beard??? Well, on Friday night, we shaved it....it's completely gone....he now has very little hair on his head. He also trimmed his beard to a gotee so he's all cleaned up. Once again, winter has passed us and Clay is coming out of the hibernation.

On Saturday, we took the girls to the Austin Children's museum and then had a night out on the town...ADULTS ONLY!!! It was VERY nice to have a little break....it's been a while.

After a great weekend with friends, I'm on another business trip. This time....Nashville, TN. I certainly do hope I run into Kenny Chesney or Alan Jackson or maybe even Garth Brooks. Not really....I'm actually not a big fan of Nashville country. Anyway, I have a week full of auditing....sounds exciting right!?!?!? The good news is I'll get a ton of work done while I'm here.....the bad news is I'll miss Lola sooooo much!

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