April 29, 2009

Totally freaked out.....


Let me preface this blog by saying I'm not one of those "crazy" moms who runs to the doc every time one little thing is wrong with my baby. I'm more like one of those moms who finally goes to the doc after a couple days of sickness only to learn my baby has had a horrible ear infection for who knows how long...then I always have one of those "I'm a terrible mom" moments. But, it's a fine line...when do you really know it's time to go to the doc????

We've all heard the news about the swine flu. I've been very concerned about the whole deal but not completely freaked out. Well, to back up, Lola just got through antibiotics and an ear infection. Over the weekend, she still didn't seem 100%. So, before I left for Dallas on Monday, I took her to the doc....just to make sure all was well. At that time, the swine flu didn't cross my mind. Then, the past two nights Lola was up non-stop...whining around...just not feeling right. I was still okay...just figured she's still fighting through something. Then I get in the car this morning and the first thing I hear is a 23 month old died from the flu (the first death in the US)...uh oh. Then as we keep going on our trek back to A town Clay informed me that someone in their San Antonio office has the swine flu. OH NO!!!! This is really hit close....so my mind starts spinning....I start thinking the worst possible scenarios. As I'm thinking all of this, Lola is screaming bloody murder in her car seat while she's hacking up stuff with a horrible cough and seems to be running a fever. I stopped at the gas station to get some milk and Tylenol...she wouldn't take either....just said "no" "no" and pushed my hand away. I called the doc as I was officially in panic mode now and asked "Should I be concerned and/or should I bring her in?" The only answer they gave was "Well, if you think she's worse, bring her in". THAT'S NOT WHAT I WAS ASKING!!! I wanted to know if I should be concerned and if I should bring her in....under normal circumstances I wouldn't but there is a dang swine flu out there taking over so TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME!!! Ok, I didn't really say that....I decided to take it easy on them but I did want a much more clear answer...didn't get it.

I made the decision not to take Lola to school this afternoon as I wouldn't want another parent to bring their runny nosed, coughing, running a low grade fever sick child to school so I respected that (do unto others right). Now, I'm SO STRESSED as I lost an afternoon of work and have SO MUCH TO DO!!! Yea, get the point...I'm a little freaked on many levels (calm down Amy...it will all get done at one point). I'm glad I made this decision though b/c when we got home poor baby Lo was whining around the house and wouldn't let me put her down (see attached video...poor thing). At one point, I was on a conference call and she was just whaling...all I could do was apologize. But, as she was whaling, I did notice that she has two front teeth popping through. Whew!!! What a relief!!! Now it all makes sense...this could be causing all the problems we've been having over the past couple days. Now, I'm starting to feel much better about the fact that Lola most likely doesn't have the swine flu.

BUT (love the buts) it got worse...AGAIN. Lo took a dramatic turn...she started running a high fever and became very lethargic. It was scary!!! She was limp and had this blank look in her eyes. Her eyes are always filled with so much personality and life and they just seemed empty. I panicked again and called Clay to come home to make sure I wasn't going "crazy". He too was very concerned so I took her to the after hours doc. I'm happy to say Lola is swine flu free (say that 3X fast), however, she has ANOTHER ear infection (we literally JUST got off the antibiotic). This one is so bad that the doc said her ear drum may burst (she says this sounds worse than what it is...not so sure about that). Anyway, I don't know what to do...tubes? I really think it may be allergies since it's become so severe since moving to Austin so maybe we'll try a nutritionist. I don't know...more questions!!! But, for now, we'll just inject her with antibiotics, Motrin and ear drops to make her feel better...poor baby girl...I just hate it...

Oh, the trials and tribulations.....how many times have you heard me say that?!?!?!!?


The Harrisons said...

Poor Lola! My heart breaks for you guys! There is nothing worse than a sick child and ALL you want to do is make them feel better! Hopefully she feels better soon.

Pearson said...

OH my gosh!! I didnt think I could ever like your blogs more, but Corky finally fixed my speakers on the computer and I love it!! Amy you are a great mommy! I have gone back to all w/sound and its even better than before! We miss you all.

Hola Lola said...

Lola is doing better!!! We're still struggling with the ear infection thing...I think it's Austin...Not only state capitol and the music music capitol of the world but it's also the allergy capitol. We'll deal but it's been tough. I hope to post a blog soon about my the opinions I've gotten from Lo's doc and another friend that's a doctor (i.e. they like medicine) vs. the organic/nutritionist route (i.e no medicine). It's very interesting how you get such a difference in opinions. I'm still debating the sides.

Bobbie, I'm soooo glad you learned to post comments. I HAVE to get a video of Lola saying "Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie". We're not sure if she is referring to Aunt Bobbie or if it is some other unknown thing. You would get a kick out of it. We'll be in Dallas next week. you should meet up with my mom and Lo for lunch...she is a doll!!!