January 26, 2009

Lola is on her way to walking!

Well, we're about two weeks shy of Lola's 1 year birthday and she is on her way to walking around like a little clown upside down (Not sure what this means but Clay says this to Lola all the time in a fun voice). In a matter of days, she has really made great progress. Last weekend Lola started to get very comfortable with the walking thing. She would take our hand and just walk and walk and walk (see pics above). I was actually sore the next day from leaning over for extended periods of time. BTW...do babies get sore when they're learning to walk? They're using new muscles so you would think. I've been curious about this lately.

I told you last week that Lo took 3 steps and we were elated. We thought that was big until Friday when she basically started walking around like an adult (maybe a little exaggeration). She of course is still most comfortable with the crawl b/c she can get from point A to point B quickly but she is really getting good with the walk too. She is now taking multiple steps at one time. I really want to catch it on video but haven't been able to yet....bummer!

Basically, within a 3 day period her walking has drastically improved! I guess once they figure it out they're ready to go. Here's the sad part....I left today for a business trip to Atlanta. I won't be back until Thursday evening. This is the longest trip away in a while...three nights away from baby girl is likely to kill me. Anyway, based on her progress so far, I fear that by the time I get back home she'll be a full blown walking baby and I would have missed it all. I was thinking last night....goodness...I may never see Lola crawl again. Now, I know I'm being a little dramatic but I'm just sad to leave for so many days. Of course, it's really on two full days that I won't see her but I'm still dying inside. I envision that when I get home on Thursday instead of her crawling to me to say "hello" and give me a big hug she'll be running over to me. I guess we'll see in three days. I miss baby girl!!!

Since we'll be moving in about 4 weeks (Can you believe that?), I thought it would be fun to start a new segment on the blog. It will be "The things I'll miss about Big D". So, my first thing I'll miss is Dolly Python which is one of my fav vintage stores. I've had so many great finds at Dolly Python! Anything from a fab vintage dress that even Carrie Bradshaw would die to have, groovy art work, funky furniture and my latest purchase were some FABULOUS vintage boots (I'm wearing in pic below). I love them!!! I throw them on with everything and they add a fun flare that every boring outfit needs. Anyway, although I'll miss Dolly Python, Austin is known for it's fun/funky vintage stores so I figure I won't be lacking too much in this category. I'm definitely looking forward to some fun shopping and can't wait to find my favorite places that I'll hit up often.

P.S. My food intake has been HORRIBLE today. It consisted of a 5 day old bagel (that had been sitting out for 5 days) for breakfast, a pre-made "cobb" salad that I got out of a cooler (not good at all...actually it was pretty disgusting) for lunch and m&ms on the plane for dinner....nice! I'm STARVING now but it's too late to eat and I'm stuck in the hotel. However, I will say that there is nothing better than kicking back in the hotel room, watching TV and writing on the blog....this is my idea of heaven. I was also happy to be able to watch the bachelor without Clay complaining non-stop. He thinks they over use the word "journey" and it drives him crazy (they really do...pay attention next time you watch). I have to say I'm a little bummed that Jason chose Stephanie (very strange fake southern chick) vs. Nicki and I'm also a little bummed that he didn't give a rose to Lauren (although she was a little aggressive, I kind of liked her). Now I can't decide if I should watch CSI Miami or The City (OH, my FAV show right now but I can also catch On Demand later). Anyhoo, that's all for now...time to go to sleep.

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