January 23, 2009

A new president, a new time

Lo celebrating inauguration at Lincoln Memorial
Lo with Obama...I bet you didn't know she would get VIP seating huh
Lola with Obama & Biden....staring intently and very focused on them

Lola watching Bono - One of papa bears all time favorite bands.

Lola and Bona again...look at that smile

It's time for change! We finally have a new president in office. We're excited to see what might come over the next couple years. Regardless, we're happy we finally feel hope again. It means a lot when you have a 11 1/2 month old. Now I don't feel so scared about her growing up in this world.

I bet you didn't know Lola had VIP seats for the inauguration concert. Well, of course she wasn't actually there but we did give Lola a "hall pass" to watch TV. You know usually she can't even glance toward the TV without Clay freaking out. On Sunday night, Clay let Lola join in on the fun.

A couple of quick updates: Lola was fabulous last night - no fits. YEA!!! And, she slept through the night (we've been having issues w/ this lately). Then, she stood up on her own without holding onto anything and took 3 steps. Woohoo!!! I tried to catch it on video but she wouldn't do it again. How does it always work like that? You ask them to do it and they won't but as soon as you stop asking, they decide to do the thing you were asking them to do. She does this all the time with the bye-bye thing. Anytime we're leaving a place I tell her to say "bye-bye" and wave. She just stares and acts like she has no clue what I'm saying. Then as soon as we get to the car...guess what....she'll start waving and saying "bye-bye, bye-bye" over and over again. Oh man...these kiddos are something else!!! You have to wonder what goes through their little minds on a daily basis.

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!!! We're off to Austin tomorrow on a day trip to look at houses again. Wish us luck....

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