January 20, 2009

What happened to my perfect child!?!?!?!?

What happened to my perfect child?!?!?! I need HELP!!! - "Houston we have a problem" - Lord HELP me!!! - Dude, what's the deal here?!?!? - Something just ain't right! - OH MY!!!

These are all statements that I've said and felt over the past 48 hours. Seriously, I'm not quite sure what happened to my "perfect child" (she was still perfect in the picture attached to the right).

Lola has always been an "angel face"...just sweet as can be. Lately (the past two days), to put it simply, not so sweet. She's actually been throwing little hissy fits. WHAT?!?!? This is all craziness and a new thing to us. Like yesterday, she took it upon herself to roll around and throw a fit until we finally picked her up. OK....I get it....I really do know what the problem is...I guess I just answered it myself in the prior sentence... right? She wants to be picked up....preferably by her mom. So what do we do about this? Most of the day yesterday, I was in a little shock by the attitude (a.k.a tude) Lola was putting on. I kind of let her fuss around a bit but then the screaming became obnoxious so I would just give her what she wanted. As mentioned in prior blogs, Lo's eye teeth are coming in so I gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought "she's teething". Well, I must say she is taking that a little far now.

When I picked her up from school today I was nervous to hear how their day went so I asked in a really sweet already apologizing for anything that may have gone wrong today kind of tone "Was she fussy today?" Well, guess what their answer was???? NO, oh my gosh...she is a breath of fresh air compared to the other kids...she was "perfect". Yep, that's what they said "perfect". So, I figured maybe we just had a rough day yesterday. Of course, the minute we walked in the door she changed that thought process for me.

What happened do you ask??? Well, we spent the entire evening with a fussy child who rolled around all over the living room screaming (the fussy roll is her new thing), climbed out of her high chair and just about killed herself, wouldn't eat, screamed again, rolled around some more and finally passed out. OMG....what in the world is going on....what do we do????? At one point, I was trying to eat my roast beef and potatoes in peace and she was SCREAMING in my ear so I finally just surrendered my plate of food to her and let her do whatever she wanted with it....I didn't care anymore....I needed some relief...ASAP!!! So, she proceeded to dig in it and feed it to the dogs and make a HUGE mess. Oh my!

With that said, I'm pretty much exhausted and can't get into anymore detail on this b/c 1) My brain is not functioning anymore after a long day and ending it with a child screaming isn't really ideal. AND 2) It kind of makes me want to cry....literally what happened to my perfect child. Clay asked tonight "Are we doing something wrong to cause this". I answered "I have no idea". I really don't! I know I say this often but "oh the trials and tribulations of being a parent"....it's pretty much like a roller coaster.

Since I can't get into any more detail due to the exhaustion, I thought I would attach a couple videos to break down our evening a little better. Please note: In one of the videos it may appear that I was abusing her. Just know I wasn't of course....she was trying to take the camera from me and was being a little aggressive....Once again I surrendered. Lord help me!



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ejeand1 said...

hey chica, I'm no expert and not yet a parent but I heard or read that baby's cry or tantrum about when venting frustrations because they have no other way to do this. Now they said if she is screaming in an agonizing way then something may be wrong. I think that giving in to her when she is having these bouts is actually encouraging this behavior. I highly recommend asking an expert. Miss you!