January 30, 2009

Home sweet home!

Well, I made it back home! It feels so good to be back with the fam. I sure did miss baby Lola (and Clay of course) and I was thrilled to see her last night. I even let her stay up until 10:00 pm (OOPS!!!) so we could spend some quality time together. Here were some of my fav moments from last week:

When we take the dogs out, Lola get excited and runs to the door to peek out while we're walking the gorgeous girls. Here's a pic of her anxiously waiting for us to come back in and greet us with lots of love!

Lola and I were able to sneak in a cat nap last weekend. There is nothing better than snoozing with my baby girl....love these moments!!! She is seriously such a snuggle bug.

Lola LOVES being outside! So, when the weather is nice, we take full advantage. Below is a pic of Lo playing in the yard. Once we get to Austin, we plan to get a swing to hang in the tree. She loves swinging outside.

That's it for today. It's pretty crazy at work but I thought I would post a quick blog while I have a free minute.

After traveling all week, I'm always EXHAUSTED and want a day to kick back and relax. Not so much today! Had a conference call first thing this morning that lasted 3 hours, I have another one at 12:00 pm, then at 1:00 pm, then I have to get some reports out and then I have to enter in all my time for the week. At one point I need to pick up Lola's birthday invitations and get them mailed out today. EEEEKKK!!! I hate days like this. Oh well, it will be 5:30 soon and I'll be ready to shut down...I sometimes like to call it beer:30. There is nothing better than shutting down at the end of a long week and having a relaxing drink to kick off the weekend.

See you next week!!!

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